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  1. distropia

    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    for a second, i thought it included a real MVS version of the game. Just for a second. Too much time without any new games for our neogeos
  2. distropia

    Damaged chip in Neo Geo MV-1C

    Let me point out a 74ls05 is not a palette ram chip, is a Hex Inverter. The palette ram is inside the big neo-grz chip in that mv1C ;)
  3. distropia

    Lost Neo Geo Prototype FOUND, REVEALED & RELEASED : "DarkSeed"

    Why don't you try to learn pixel-art and do it by yourself? Someone should try it and you seem interested ;)
  4. distropia

    New neogeo homebrew in development : TEOT

    VERY interested on this one. It should have been made in the commercial era. If things are done with love and taking it profesionally, this could become a good seller game nowadays. But remember, NeoGeo has a demanding audience.
  5. distropia

    Mv-1f RGB to Scart *fixed*

    mvs to scart usually needs 220ohm or 330ohm on every colour line. If you have a tester, check that video output on every colour don't rise over 0.7 volts maximum.
  6. distropia

    KOF 2002 very early serial number, boot?

    Hi. I'm about to sell this KOF 2002 with very low serial number, it was acquired by the operator i worked on and after closure i got all the stock. I'm 100% sure about the pcbs, about label i'm pretty sure it is legal but want to confirm with you if someone have a serial # even lower than this...
  7. distropia

    There are boots and then there is this thing.....

    in fact, piggybacking is fairly common on boot carts. Those ones are easy spot when you get in-hand and notice the heavy weight they have.
  8. distropia


    i guess you're talking about coronavirus "COVID19", right? Ok, i live in Spain. We are the 2nd country in the world right after Italy in covid19 expansion. We are in quarantine for 15 days without going out home, just to the supermarket or pharmacies. And we are sure this will be much more days...
  9. distropia

    Piko Interactive acquired an unreleased Neo Geo game.

    Being a recently-made product, CrouchingHiddenPonyWhatever should include source code when being acquired. Is better to think is any non interesting mahjong game, and if by any chance is Last Odyssey or similar, better for us.
  10. distropia

    Wings Of Bluestar (Shinu Real Arts) Potential NEOGEO Indie Game

    I'm afraid this game will not see the light on neogeo. The programmer don't know how to program the Neo and he would ask for external help. We all know how this will finish.
  11. distropia

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Dad-life... it changes all. Since i had a baby, i had to stop a lot of things. But the main reason that made me not consider buying this kraut buster is somewhat of bullet hell bosses. I hate that. Truly well done graphics, smooth framerate, but metal slug games had less bullets. It makes me...
  12. distropia

    MVS Cartridge Case Cleaning / Polishing

    Valuable carts worth the effort, but first clean every dust it could have, or it will make fine scratchs. Also matters the temperature of the plastic and the polish compound must be top quality and applied with a proper polishing machine.
  13. distropia

    Garou Mark of the Wolves for sale on ebay

    Hi there! I'm selling some MVS carts on ebay, between them there's a Garou Mark of the Wolves semi-full kit, matching serials, but no stickers. I've been selling these minty kits for a while, but everything comes to an end and this one is the last i have. Take a look ;)...
  14. distropia

    Ninja Gaiden II for NeoGeo

    Oh, hi mate! I've had a baby and is *the* time-consuming task. Now she's at primary school, i come back to the scene, at last! ;) I remember the times when an unreleased game appeared eventually. BangBangBusters, Ironclad, the promise never accomplished of Treasure Of The Caribbean. Lately...
  15. distropia

    Ninja Gaiden II for NeoGeo

    so, what's up? shoutime is such a stressed man that is not able to get some time to dump such an important game for the neogeo community? or sell the dump or whatever? ;) Talking in a general way, why people with unreleased dumps don't make a crowdfunding to get a lot of money for the dump? i...
  16. distropia

    WTB Pochi and Nyaa Mvs

    you and a lot of new collectors. since ages i don't see one show up on ebay, so be ready for a shitload $$$
  17. distropia

    Haunted Castle PCB that refuses to live

    Ok, thanks for the tip. I'm waiting for a friend with a scope and will publish here the screenshot Already swapped with another identical board and same screen of garbage.
  18. distropia

    Haunted Castle PCB that refuses to live

    Hi folks. I'm fighting with a Haunted Castle board that is driving me nuts. When i turn it on, garbage in screen, steady not flickering. Every time you turn on is a bit different. No sound, no play. With the logic probe, a lot of lines are bouncing, too much lines to be traced. I already did...
  19. distropia

    ebay: auction KOF 2003 MINT FULL KIT

    ...and also a CPS2 STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO A+B boards Phoenixed and deeply cleaned. Check out!
  20. distropia

    ebay: auction KOF 2003 MINT FULL KIT

    Hi there. Just to let people know i'm auctioning a King of fighters 2003 MVS full matching serial kit mostly in mint condition, but the carton box. Take a look... Item is located in Spain, but i'll happily ship it everywhere. I need cash to continue...