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  1. snes_collector

    Nintendo Switch

    Super pumped for the AC updates + dlc. But the expansion pack pricing is insane to me. I was thinking an extra $5-10 a year....
  2. snes_collector

    Victory Heat Rally (PS4, Xbox, Switch & PC Steam)

    Nice, this looks good. Choro Q vibes
  3. snes_collector

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm curious as to how much extra this will cost on top of an existing membership
  4. snes_collector

    Heritage Auctions and Wata Games Fraud

    The 12K copy says Xbox Live Trial, maybe that is the difference? I'm not sure what that means, nevertheless neither copy is worth anything close to that
  5. snes_collector

    Found Chrono trigger SNES

    Should have bought a nice CIB copy of this years ago.... I remember when I was collecting SNES this was one of the last carts I needed, like in the last ten. I always held out hoping to find a cheap copy at a yard sale or thrift store but never did. It also never showed up in any game stores I...
  6. snes_collector

    WTB GameFan Magazines

    Yes, I'm sure they are somewhere. I do like to have a hard copy in hand when I can though
  7. snes_collector

    WTB GameFan Magazines

    Anyone have any old GameFan Magazines they don't want? Issues numbers or condition doesn't matter, I'd just like to read some.
  8. snes_collector

    Paprium MegaSD digital release

    I'd love to see something released so everyone that wants to play this can either digitally or physically, it is a pretty fun game. Just looked up ebay prices for this one, prices are crazy high.
  9. snes_collector

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    I have to echo what other people are saying- take the money from 6-8 of these regular sets and buy yourself a modular. I finally pulled the trigger on my first one a few years ago and they are completely worth the cost. The builds are so much better and so rewarding with so many small details...
  10. snes_collector

    Item delivered, but, not received, would you wait 2 days to act?

    I would go ahead and contact your local post office about it. Sounds like it could have been misdelivered, and if that did happen let them know as soon as possible. The can check GPS data of the exact location of the delivery scan.
  11. snes_collector

    Non working Sega CD Model 2 $50+ shipping

    No power. Could be a blown fuse. Something is rattling inside. I don’t know how to fix this stuff so I haven’t opened it. $50 plus shipping or trade
  12. snes_collector

    Nintendo Switch

    It is really fun, I somehow manged to finish 3rd in a round on the first night. I think I like it better than Tetris 99
  13. snes_collector

    Another price insanity thread 2021 Edition

    Anyone paying attention to the major price hike going on across the board on not only video games, but all collectibles? Here are some recent eBay auctions that seem insane to me: Chrono Trigger CIB $2,550-...
  14. snes_collector

    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    I wonder if you will still be able to download patches and updates after the stores close? That is one thing I did not see any mention of. I wish they would have a big fire sale, but I doubt that will happen
  15. snes_collector

    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    While this hasn't been officially announced, I'm going to start going through all my PS3/Vita games and make sure I have the latest patches and all the DLC I want just in case this is true. It is a task I need to do anyway. What are everyones favorite digital only PS3 games that are not...
  16. snes_collector

    Are US AES systems "rare" now?...

    They are way less common than the Japanese systems, if you are looking to buy one the cost will probably be double/triple for an English Bios system. I think the best thing is to get a Japanese system and put a Unibios in it.
  17. snes_collector

    Nintendo Switch

    Capcom Arcade is out for Switch and comes with 1943 for free: Ghost 'n Goblins is current a free add on-
  18. snes_collector

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    Nice! I'm sure he will enjoy them. Sounds like you have super toolbox city, which is a nice playset. I always have been a fan of the secret auto supplies:
  19. snes_collector

    Are we gonna talk about the GameStop stock situation

    As an outsider, this has been pretty interesting to see unfold. Curious to see where this ends and what happens next. Anyone got skin in the game?
  20. snes_collector

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    Anyone grow up a fan of Micro Machines? I’ve collected them for years but have started picking up more stuff lately. Probably my favorite toys ever, the detail is really nice on them. Here is a quick picture of some of mine: They store really well in tackle boys and do not take up room