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  1. MetalSlugVet

    Crystal Boxes AES box protectors

    Yes i do play my games often so i know they would be a pain in the ass. I am moving in a few months for my new job and it would be nice to be able to protect my games during the move but i do think these would get old putting them in and out. I mainly just wanted everyone to see these as they...
  2. MetalSlugVet

    Neo Games That Surprised You

    Top hunter, I was really thinking i would like the game from watching gameplay online. I just could never get into the game like i normally do with other neo geo games. I still think it is a gorgeous game to look at and I play it now and then but it was a huge disappointment for me as i thought...
  3. MetalSlugVet

    Lach's Collection

    You have a very nice and organized collection lachlan. Garou and the neo sd yellow box art really flows well together.
  4. MetalSlugVet

    Crystal Boxes AES box protectors

    I was browsing the neo geo forever group on facebook and ran into these crystal boxes. I am pretty excited to have more alternatives to the overly expensive kaiser cases.. Hopefully these crystal cases are good to go and are high quality, i think the neo geo logo is a nice feature but I read in...
  5. MetalSlugVet

    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    I've been watching The Crew , its Kevin James new show on Netflix. I was a big fan of the king of queens back in the day and haven't really liked any of his tv shows since then. Luckily this one is pretty good and I think the cast is perfect and the writing is decent as well.. If you like Kevin...
  6. MetalSlugVet


    I have two ETH coins I bought around $2,500 so I have that covered.. I have been very happy with that buy but hell 1,000 bucks on doge is a exciting even if it falls then ill look at it like I do when I go gamble away money at the casino to blow off steam..
  7. MetalSlugVet


    I wouldn't doubt it dropping, im in for the long haul and I can wait a few years if need be. I only invested $1,000 so whatever happens won't be that big of a deal.. I kinda look at it as entertainment then a serious investment...
  8. MetalSlugVet


    I bought $1,000 in doge today at 62 cents and now its valued at 72 cents...I hope Elon comments on it or they have a skit written for SNL..
  9. MetalSlugVet


    You are a negative guy and I feel bad for you at times, but I hope one day you can turn your constant negativity around and be a tiny bit positive. edit- ps my aunt lives in shaghai, after covid maybe I will come visit and we can finally work this out. That or a good ol’ fashion knife fight to...
  10. MetalSlugVet

    Wtb Ghost pilots Dog tag homecart

    Still looking but its been over a year so I don't feel too hopeful about it..
  11. MetalSlugVet

    Happy Birthday max 330 mega

    Hope you had a good day and did something you enjoyed man! That cow looks happy as fuck.
  12. MetalSlugVet

    Yard work. A necessary evil.

    I live in the desert around lots of wildlife, sometimes the pigs knock over the trash and thats a pain to clean up. I do like cutting trees and cactus though, makes you feel good after..
  13. MetalSlugVet

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Big thanks to Redfield on hooking me up with metal slug 4! I also grabbed an eight man for good measure.
  14. MetalSlugVet


    I have a friend that had made $20,000ish off of doge, I may put in a small amount to gamble with it when a sell of happens again. I'm going to jump into bitcoin with at least one coin very soon as well. Just hoping to buy one around $45,000 but may be too late for that. I bought 2 coins when it...
  15. MetalSlugVet

    The 1997 game selection - your favorites?

    Would say Shock troopers if I had to pick just 1.
  16. MetalSlugVet

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    If you don't like metal you might not like the second song by arch enemy. However "I saw the end" by pallbearers is something any fan of rock in general will probably like due to the guitar layering/riffs.. Edit- had to add mudvayne since they are reuniting this year after being broken up for...
  17. MetalSlugVet

    What is the game you play the most in Neogeo?

    I just got metal slug 4 on the AES and I've played through it many times, hell it might be up there with aero fighters 2 soon.. I know people give it a lot of hate but I think its a very good game and the snow mission is my favorite (even though the boss on that level is super easy).
  18. MetalSlugVet

    Mai_Lover's Collection (✿ ♥‿♥)

    Thats a great collection! I'm very jealous of your last resort homecart. Hope you enjoy your games for years to come!
  19. MetalSlugVet

    Hardcore Metal Fans Get Your Ass In Here!!

    Slipknot has always been one of my favorites, I am bummed that Chris Fein was let go but I do understand why. Tortilla man is good but just doesn't do some of the older songs justice. Hopefully they make a few more good albums before retirement..