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  1. Mouse_Master

    Neo Bomberman Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Here is cart sticker and snap lock insert for Neo Bomberman. I have no clue why I have the extra character outside the insert, but it is easy to trim, and I was just too lazy to do it. I made these back in 2000, Never did a manual, but I started work with a story, I believe, will see if I can...
  2. Mouse_Master

    Nightmare in the Dark US Homebrew Artwork from 2001

    Insert and sticker by nick_the_fury, downloads attached here are the EPS versions of the insert an cart sticker from his site, and also the original Adobe Illustrator file for the insert.
  3. Mouse_Master

    nick_th_fury has passed......

    It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news that @nick_th_fury, better known to many in the Neo-Geo community as Trey, has passed away. With the help of @Shawn late last night, I was able to locate an obituary for him...
  4. Mouse_Master

    Neo-Geo.Com Shirt images from 2011

    I made shirts to wear to Otakon in 2011, and have found the images used for them. Picture of the manufactured shirts can be found here - Here is the final artwork I...
  5. Mouse_Master

    Metal Slug US Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Here is an art collection for Metal Slug. By 2000, Metal Slug was Jeff Kurtz most requested conversion from MVS based on the rarity of the game, so an art package was created. Jeff made the insert and sticker, and I did the manual. The insert was created for both the soft and snap lock cases...
  6. Mouse_Master

    Strikers 1945 Plus US Insert

    Not my work.
  7. Mouse_Master

    Diggerman Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Not really fair to call this homebrew artwork when it goes along with a homebrew game. Back then though we were not certain of the origins. Misinformation ruled the day initially for this Boulder Dash like game. Insert by @nick_th_fury and the manual was written by me using his artwork for...
  8. Mouse_Master

    Magician Lord US Insert

    Again, not my art, and also not on Southtown. This is probably sized for a soft case.
  9. Mouse_Master

    Puzzle Bobble US Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Here is artwork for Puzzle Bobble. No real reason to exist, and not as extensive as some of the other creations I did. Looks like the back page went transparent instead of white in the conversion from EPS to PNG, no big deal I guess.
  10. Mouse_Master

    Neo Mr. Do! US Insert

    Again, not my art, and also not on Southtown. Other items on this CD I have are, granted items from these CDs are sized for home carts. I was going to post a JPN Shock Troopers insert originally, but I surprisingly found it on Southtown.
  11. Mouse_Master

    Neo Mr. Do! US Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Here is the manual, cart sticker, and insert (for a snaplock case) for Neo Mr. Do. I so far only found these in EPS form prepared for printing, hence the extra cart stickers on one sheet.
  12. Mouse_Master

    Prehistoric Isle 2 Insert

    I believe this is for a snaplock case. Not my work, provided to me in mid 2000. I have an original PSD scan of this artwork that is 46 megs. I was going to post another Pop 'N Bounce, but I found it on Southtown, which was surprising to me. Some of the PI2's on Southtown are quite similar to...
  13. Mouse_Master

    Pop 'N Bounce US Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    Here is another art set of Manual/Sticker/Insert for a cartridge that did not see a home release at all, Pop 'N Bounce.
  14. Mouse_Master

    Bust-A-Move Again EX Insert

    I believe this is for a snaplock case. Not my work, provided to me in mid 2000. I have an original PSD of this artwork that is 41 megs. Will try to post more from the archives.....
  15. Mouse_Master

    Metal Slug 3 US Homebrew Artwork from 2000

    After having seen this tweet...... And discovering that I am now an "official SNK artist," I decided to share this homebrew creation, which I guess was 'utilized' for the rear of their 'release.'
  16. Mouse_Master

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Hello all, As you can tell, there is a new forum in town. While an upgrade has been discussed for some time, this upgrade came more as a 'disaster recovery' effort than a planned transition. For the curious, we never were going to upgrade to VBulletin 5. That process was essentially the same...
  17. Mouse_Master

    New Site Feature - The Neo Geo Wiki Some people have already found this, some other have been putting some content into it in the last couples months. Anyway, this is the latest addition to the site. It has been sitting around for the last month or so while we waited on the host to clear a few...
  18. Mouse_Master

    User Album's Enabled BUT Not Currently working.....

    Just a quick note. I turned them on, but there is a problem with PHP and uploading that hopefully will be fixed by the end of the week. Unfortunately, I can not fix it, the host must, I actually tried working on it for 6 hours on Saturday, and got nowhere. Templates (how the pages of the...
  19. Mouse_Master

    Forum Upgrade Tomorrow (Saturday, May 24) in the AM

    The forum software will be updated tomorrow morning, and some features might disappear for a couple days, or longer (chat could be gone a few weeks unfortunately). Right now I'm guessing around 3 hours downtime Sat AM, with sporadic 'outages' throughout the weekend as the update is tweaked.
  20. Mouse_Master

    HDNet premiering the movie Flawless tonight BEFORE Theatrical Release No clue if the movie will be any good, but it is something different (A HiDef sneak preview on satelite/cable TV). The movie is set in 60s London with Michael Caine and Demi Moore. Suppose to be about a diamond theft...