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  1. s2112d

    FM Towns Marty Drive Belt

    Hi, Anyone here ever replace a fm towns marty disk drive belt? Mine needs to be replaced and I got replacement on its way to me and I was wondering how difficult it is to install. Thanks Sal
  2. s2112d

    1000 in 1 Jamma - Too dark

    Hey, I picked up one of those 1000 in 1 boards on ebay awhile back but for some reason the image is really dark, even with the brightness turned all the way up on my super neo type II, All my mvs and jamma boards look fine though. Looks like the rgb amp coming out of this thing is really weak...
  3. s2112d

    IGS Dodonpachi: Bee Storm Label

    Hi, I just picked Dodonpachi: Bee Storm but it didnt come with a label, Anyone here kind enough to scan the label for me? Thanks in advance! Sal
  4. s2112d

    FA: IGS PGM Jamma Board **Sold**

    Hey, I have a IGS PGM Jamma board up for auction. Click link for a pic and details. Thanks Sal
  5. s2112d

    FA: Neo Geo MVS 2 Slot *Defective*, Samurai Shodown V Special Fixed, SS2 JPN NEW AES

    Hey, I have a defective 2 slot mvs up for auction. Click link for details and pic. Just added: Home carts. Samurai Spirits V Special FIXED and NEW Samurai Shodown...
  6. s2112d

    FA: Mega Drive 2 JPN System

    Hey, Up for auction: Mega Drive 2 JPN system.... Click link for condition info etc... etc... Thanks Sal
  7. s2112d

    FA: Sonic Wings 2 JPN Home Cart

    For Auction: Sonic Wings 2 Click link for details. Thanks Sal
  8. s2112d

    FA: Neo Geo Metal Slug 5 English Home Cart **SOLD**

    Hi, **SOLD** For Auction: Neo Geo Metal Slug 5 English Home Cart. Cart is in mint condition. Check auction link for more details: Thanks Sal
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    Hi, **SOLD** Thanks Sal
  10. s2112d

    FA: Fatal Fury 3 JPN Home Cart (Near Mint)

    For Auction:Near Mint Fatal fury 3 JPN Home Cart Click on link for more detail. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>...
  11. s2112d

    FA: Metal Slug 3 Home Cart (English)

    Metal Slug 3 Home Cart English version Click on link for more details. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Thanks Sal <small>[ February 05, 2003, 09:46 PM: Message edited...
  12. s2112d

    FA: Top Hunter Home Cart - English Version **5 Hrs left**

    For Auction: Top Hunter, English home cart. Click on link for details. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Thanks Sal <small>[ January 27, 2003, 11:43 AM: Message...
  13. s2112d

    FA:King of Fighters '98 JPN Home Cart **Sold**

    King of Fighters '98 JPN Home cart, Everything in near mint condition except for the snap-lock case.Check auction for pics and more info. **SOLD** Sal [ January 05, 2003: Message edited by: s2112d ]</p>
  14. s2112d

    Wanted:Mahjong Final Romance 2 Neo Geo CD

    Email me if you have (Original ONLY) Mahjong Final Romance 2 for the neo geo cd for sale. Thanks Sal [ June 22, 2002: Message edited by: s2112d ]</p>
  15. s2112d

    Wanted: Overtop for Neo Geo CD

    I'm looking for Overtop for the Neo Geo cd, Email me at Thanks Sal [ April 15, 2002: Message edited by: s2112d ]</p>
  16. s2112d

    Supersellers....Anyone order from them recently?

    I'm looking at some of the neo cd's they have in stock and I may order from them, Anyone order from them recently? I noticed that they last updated on 3/16/02. I havent bought from them in years. Thanks. Sal
  17. s2112d

    Modded Neo Geo for Sale!

    Super Neo Geo for sale, Fully modded by Jeff Kurtz. Back up system of mine, System is mint. Serial # 021196 Email me if you have any questions at Sal [ January 07, 2002: Message edited by: s2112d ]
  18. s2112d

    Cosmicco info needed

    Cosmicco info needed I'm in the process of buying Money Puzzle Enchanger from them and I wanted to pay them with Western Union today but at Western Union they said the address is invalid, Has anyone here payed them via western union and how? I even tried with Western Union online...No good. My...
  19. s2112d

    Wanted: Money Puzzle Exchanger MVS

    Email me at if you have Money Puzzle Exchanger MVS for sale. Thanks Sal
  20. s2112d

    Super Dodge Ball bootleg problems mvs

    I just got a mvs Super Dodgeball bootleg and the music keeps cutting off halfway or doesnt play at all. It's all at random. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks Sal