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  1. Dan Elektro

    Metal Slug 3 Review

    US Title: Metal Slug 3 Japanese Title: Metal Slug 3 By: SNK Year: 2000 Size: 708 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Zombies. Yeti. Snails. Aliens. Soldiers. Eels. Plants. Really angry crabs. These are just some of the formidable enemies you'll encounter in...
  2. Dan Elektro

    Money Puzzle Exchanger Review

    US Title: Money Puzzle Exchanger Japanese Title: Money Idol Exchanger By: Face Year: 1997 Size: 78 Megs Home Release? No MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Money Puzzle Exchanger (MVS) by Dan Elektro Finally--a game that blends white-knuckle puzzle action with the glamorous...
  3. Dan Elektro

    Metal Slug X Review

    US Title: Metal Slug X Japanese Title: Metal Slug X By: Nazca/SNK Year: 1999 Size: 506 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Metal Slug X (MVS) by Dan Elektro When is a sequel not a sequel? When it's trapped between a fully new product and an enhancement of...
  4. Dan Elektro

    Metal Slug Review

    US Title: Metal Slug Japanese Title: Metal Slug By: Nazca Year: 1996 Size: 193 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? Yes Metal Slug (MVS) by Dan Elektro It's hard to actually critique a game as seminal as the original Metal Slug--it's one of the best...
  5. Dan Elektro

    Magical Drop III Review

    US Title: Magical Drop 3 Japanese Title: Magical Drop 3 By: Data East Year: 1997 Size: 174 Megs Home Release? Yes (only JPN) MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Magical Drop III (MVS) by Dan Elektro Can one of the best Neo puzzle games get better? You bet--Magical Drop III is...
  6. Dan Elektro

    Magical Drop II Review

    US Title: Magical Drop 2 Japanese Title: Magical Drop 2 By: Data East Year: 1996 Size: 82 Megs Home Release? Yes (only Jp.) MVS Release? Yes CD Release? Yes Magical Drop II (MVS) by Dan Elektro If there are two genres the Neo excels at, it's fighting and puzzles. Magical...
  7. Dan Elektro

    Gururin Review

    US Title: Gururin Japanese Title: Gururin By: Face Year: 1994 Size: 40 Megs Home Release? No MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Gururin (MVS) By Dan Elektro There are three kinds of puzzle games: Good, bad, and weird. Gururin is a subtle mix of the last two. It's 40 of the...
  8. Dan Elektro

    Baseball Stars 2 Review

    US Title: Baseball Stars 2 Japanese Title: Baseball Stars 2 By: SNK Year: 1992 Size: 68 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? Yes The programmers at Midway--the folks who brought the world such action-oriented coin-op hits as NBA Jam and NFL...
  9. Dan Elektro

    MV-1 "Work RAM Error"

    So I still have the toasted MV-1 board but I bought another so I could be up and running again (thanks Dean). But I'd still like to get the original board repaired and keep it as a backup. I'm really not going to be able to change this chips myself; anybody interested in a little freelance...
  10. Dan Elektro

    XBox Live: Compiled List

    I'm Bunnyears. If you send a friend request, please include a voice message saying you're from this site, because every so often my tag runs in a magazine and I get flooded with mystery requests. If I hear it's you from here, that makes it easier. :)
  11. Dan Elektro

    Wanted: 25" Neo upright in working order

    Preferably a 2-slot or better, and preferably in Northern California. My office said "We need some upright video games and we have a budget!" So hey--US red cab is fine. 25" cabs only. Candy cab would be fine too. Please drop me a note if you have one for sale or know of one for sale. Dan
  12. Dan Elektro

    MV-1 "Work RAM Error"

    I am armed with a digital multimeter but I need to learn how to use it. So I guess that's step one, and maybe I can find the issue thataway. Thanks!
  13. Dan Elektro

    MV-1 "Work RAM Error"

    Okay. A bad trace--you mean the actual pathways etched into the PCB? Can those be bridged with a piece of wire or something?
  14. Dan Elektro

    Hooray my first boot

    I'm still sitting on a Metal Slug 4 boot. I got duped on eBay too--but he actually said "Yes it's legit." This was last year so it's too late to do anything about it. It just sits on my shelf like a last-place trophy--an icon of shame. But then again, I'd rather it be with me than out in the...
  15. Dan Elektro

    MV-1 "Work RAM Error"

    Update: I ran the board through the dishwasher three times. I just hooked it up and the RAM error remains. Any advice? I have to assume now that it's a bad chip.
  16. Dan Elektro

    General MVS Board cleaning questions

    I ran my MV-1 through the dishwasher in hopes that it would clean up a RAM error--maybe a dirty socket or something. I did NOT remove the battery and I wound up with white fluid all over the board. It did not damage the board (dunno if it was the battery or perhaps leftover dishwashing...
  17. Dan Elektro

    GamePro editor comments on SNKP

    That's true--I do have the action figure. You can too, for something like $2 on eBay! :) I swapped out the icon so as not to do any false representation, but it's still me. I finally remembered my real password (and every time I requested it, the email never got through--that's why, TonK...
  18. Dan Elektro

    The Jigen Memorial MVS Label List Project - Beta Rollout

    The only thing that strikes me as odd is the lack of a serial number on that US MPE label. I might have Aero Fighters 3 US in my collection--I will take a peek and if I do, I'll gladly scan it for this project.
  19. Dan Elektro

    MV-1 "Work RAM Error"

    OK. I have given it a half-hearted clean (compressed air etc), but have not pulled the board from the cabinet or disassembled anything. A friend strongly recommends putting boards in the dishwasher--he's done it in several of his classic arcade games--and says as long as you remove the things...
  20. Dan Elektro

    MV-1 "Work RAM Error"

    This error message in my 1-slot US Neo cab was intermittant for a while but now it appears every time I boot up. I have the standard US BIOS and the oldest hardware rev of the 1-slot board out there (MV-1, with joystick connectors and memory card reader support). When I boot up, here's what...