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  1. PunkicCyborg

    WTB Capcom Cute Mini

    Literally everyone I know here has a room full of unique candy cabs in great shape
  2. PunkicCyborg

    Neo Candy Club

    There's really not THAT many caps in a monitor chassis. You can pull it and easily make a cap chart yourself and order from Digikey or Mouser. I did that with one of mine and found out the cap chart online had a mistake compared to my completely original chassis's cap values
  3. PunkicCyborg

    FS: Batrider

    Trade for Dragon Spirit PCB?
  4. PunkicCyborg

    WTB: A few pcbs/arcade parts

    wyo has a wolf fang fs
  5. PunkicCyborg

    Wait what!? Ninja Scroll 2?

    There's lots of really good live action ninja movies to check out with Jubei and the Yagyu clan. I really enjoyed the two with Sonny Chiba. Shogun's Samurai: The Yagyu Conspiracy and Samurai Reincarnation aka Makai Tenshou
  6. PunkicCyborg

    I moved my cabs

    Also had problems like that wheb moving an Astro. The cables to the remote board became loose. Hopefully that's all it is. Also check the power outlets on that circuit. Cabs pull 5 amps which your circuit should handle, but if you have too much other stuff on that circuit that could cause you issues
  7. PunkicCyborg

    I was digging through old arcade stuff, what are these?

    Why is he getting shit for cheese? Obviously he knows how to LIVE MAS
  8. PunkicCyborg

    BARI-ARM Sega Cd

    One of the rare US releases where the artwork is on par, if not better than the JP version
  9. PunkicCyborg

    ZDTF's What's it worth thread.

    Prices for some of these games might be really different based on if it has matching seals and original roms. Here's how I'd price these Xexex non rebuilt amp $450, 550 rebuilt Dragon Breed $450 R-type $700 R-Type II $450 X-Multiply $600 Image Fight $450 Gallop rom kit $200-250
  10. PunkicCyborg

    WTB - Polystars board

    I love the music in this game. I would buy it just for that good luck on your search
  11. PunkicCyborg

    Varth, Macross Plus, and Battle Garegga boots?

    A Varth from Japan would normally have a plastic cover and a battery on top board. I would think it'd be unlikely for a Japanese seller to import an overseas Varth
  12. PunkicCyborg

    YOUR Jam of Summer 2017!

    Mortal Kombat movie theme
  13. PunkicCyborg

    Italo Disco, Synthpop, Hi-NRG Fans Thread Channel 2 Classix, my primary source for italo and electro since 2007
  14. PunkicCyborg

    Beware: Thief On Boards

    Just reminded me, I saw Casey post in some FB group (neo geo for life?) a couple weeks ago and got a chuckle seeing his fat face.
  15. PunkicCyborg

    So.. PCEFX... (Pauls Site...)... has been sold to Tapatalk?

    The site you are talking about is not the same as the Pc Engine FX forum. It was just made for when pcefx was down for a couple weeks several years ago. PCEFX forums are still up and running at it's regular location
  16. PunkicCyborg

    FS: 10 MVS games for $25 shipped! ***SOLD***

    Don't trust the seller. You think you are getting loose bootleg mvs pcbs but he will actually send you loose Sega Genesis Madden 95 boards. Buyer beware!
  17. PunkicCyborg

    Stuff like this makes me lose even more faith in humanity...

    Someone trying to provide the best possible life they can provide for their family makes you loose faith in humanity?
  18. PunkicCyborg

    PCBs: Dark Seal II/Raidens/Heavy Barrel/Devastators/Bad Dudes (price drops)

    They are big but fit even in a New Astro City cab which has a pretty shallow CP
  19. PunkicCyborg

    Konami Windy Club

    How well does the color match the side art?
  20. PunkicCyborg

    Windjammers audio issue

    I've had issues with 2 Windjammers that passed through my hands and a friend had issues with one as well. One of mine just needed some heavy duty cleaning with some brasso type metal cleaner. The other was a cart that must have been in a very hot warehouse. All the traces and solder connections...