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  1. neofreak696

    AES resetting

    Im going to scream, can't seem to not have something go wrong with my AES anymore. It now resets itself constantly. Everything is clean, I removed all my mods (S Video /Audio jacks) etc. Nothing helps. It seems to do it the most with Fatal Fury 3. Sometimes it gets farther and will do it...
  2. neofreak696

    Can someone point me to a non official memory card that will work?

    I bought a couple 68 pin cards off ebay and none of them work with my AES. They give a error if I boot with them inserted and in the memory card manager they won't format. Always says write protected when I try to format. Thanks
  3. neofreak696

    Neo Geo AES 3-6 S-Video sync issues

    So I did a S-video mod to my Neo rev 3-6 and while the picture is crystal clear. Ive noticed some wavy lines that occasionally appear on screen. It looks like some kind of sync issue. I tried it out on different CRT's and seen the same thing. Anyone know of a way to adjust the sync or fix the...
  4. neofreak696

    This shit is like a cancerous drug that once it festers it slowly begins to grow

    So I posted my return thread a couple of weeks ago. I owned a US Neo-Geo about 17 years ago and had about 10 to 15 US games. Sold them all and my console, went emulation until recently... Just got another Neo-Geo and said this time im going NeoSD and just owning a original cart or two. I...
  5. neofreak696

    odd corruption after using code on Unibios and Samurai Spirits AES

    So I have a Japanese AES with a version 3.2 of the UniBios installed. I was playing Samurai Shodown 1 and was messing around with the cheat codes for fun. I had the game running in MVS mode and with the region set to USA. When I enabled the code for player one to be Amakusa the game kinda...
  6. neofreak696

    Finally, Im back...

    Hello all, I am not a very active forum user on any forums. But long ago I used to post on here time to time. I have been a naughty little bastard for the past 17 years since I sold my Neo-Geo AES and went straight emulation because I couldn't afford to keep up with the games and prices. Fast...
  7. neofreak696

    Neofreaks696's Im sick of thses carts, cause there not getting put to good use sale!!

    Hey guys got a little blow out sale going on here. Ive had these carts for awhile now and im ready to see them go. They are whats left of my collection i sold on here about mabey 5 or 6 months ago. They just sit here and collect dust :( What a shame! (Note, dust will be cleaned off before sent...
  8. neofreak696

    Modded PS2 and other stuff UDATED prices lowered

    Whats up all? I have a Modded PS2 For sale :)And some other things such as games and pc stuff.Everything is sold as is But i Have tested everything and it all works Great. I have sold things on before mostly Neo-geo Games. I ONLY take Money orders and ONLY take U.S. orders. Items...
  9. neofreak696

    Its been a long time :) PICS ADDED Geocities , Final BUMP

    Ok guys I have not sold anything here in a long time. That being said you people probably dont even remember me. But i think it's time to get rid of whats left of my neo collection :) I have sold to mabey 7 people on here. Things from neo games to a neo-geo system, and also a Turbo Duo system...
  10. neofreak696

    Neofreak696 I Finally got PICS! Sale :)

    Ok finally i have pics to go with these as i got a friends digital camera :) So heres whats left for sale. Controllers... Two Gamepad Pro computer controllers modded by Jeff Kurtzs for the neo. They Are JUST like Playsation Controllers. Look and feel the same, Mabey alittle smaller...
  11. neofreak696

    Homebrew games?

    Anyone remember when i think JMKurtzs and a few others were working on homebrew Neo games? Anyone know if there still working on them?
  12. neofreak696

    Neo stuff for sale:)

    Ok i really really need to sell this stuff, please prices are final so only if intrested. Item will be sent as soon as payment is recived. System... Jap modded super Neo done by Jeff Kurtzs. (S-vhs, Stereo, debug bios). This is mint with minor scratches, no box. Comes with two arcade sticks...
  13. neofreak696

    How Many of us have as your home page?

    I was just wondering since i do. How many others are there? Im i the only one? I sure hope not. This is the first site i only want to see when i click the little explorer button:)
  14. neofreak696

    Neofreak696's Super Neo SALE :)

    Ok i really really need to sell this stuff, please prices are final so only if intrested. Item will be sent as soon as payment is recived. System... Jap modded super Neo done by Jeff Kurtzs. (S-vhs, Stereo, debug bios). This is mint with minor scratches, no box. Comes with two arcade sticks...
  15. neofreak696

    I need help with my Sega Saturn

    I just bought a S-video cable for my Sega Saturn. I hooked it up to my tv and all i see is a Really Screwd up picture. I can barely make out the saturn logo when it boots up. It looks looks like the porno channles on cable when there blocked out:) Bunch of different color lines. My Neo and...
  16. neofreak696

    neoparcer0 check your pm!

    I sent you a pm a few days ago. But the new forums dont show when you have a new pm anymore. So i thought mabey this is why you havent checked it. Later Dean
  17. neofreak696

    Whats left of my collection:)

    Ok round 2 of selling starts today for me. Heres whats left of my collection i was selling:) One Memeroy card in box... Price $30 shiped Jap Aof 2 mint some scratches on cart Price $25 shiped Jap ASO Carton Box Close to mint but again cracked tray Price $70 Shiped Jap Kof 96 Mint Price $75...
  18. neofreak696

    neoparcer0 ?

    Hey neoparcer0... Did you change your name? I cant find it in the members list. I was going to send you my address again so you could get that money order sent out. Anyone know who this guy is? Or Where he is? Thanks and L8ters Dean
  19. neofreak696

    Non Neo related, I need help with my computer please!

    Ok Im having some trobles with my new computer i just built. I have two hard drives and a cd rw drive. Im running windows xp. If i try and run some programs that need my cd rom drive it tells me, No aspi device found. This is with burning programs and such. So i went into my controll pannel and...
  20. neofreak696

    Ok who do i send my collection pics too?

    Who do i need to send my collections pic's to have them uploaded in the collections page? And how do you want me to send them? E-mail? Thanks