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    We build our own walls: Bannon, Kolfage, two other guys charged with fraud.

    Postal Serviiiiiiiice! Bannon also got evicted from the monastery he was trying to set up his Camp of Saints in.
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    Exosquad Seasons 1 and 2 on Peacock

    Don't know who will care about this but one of the better and more obscure '90s cartoons is on NBC's Peacock streaming service. As far as I know this is the first time the full series has been available for viewing since the show originally aired.
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    Tax Figures 1985-1994 The article is too long to quote here, but here's NYT's own summary: None of this will matter in a week, I'm sure.
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    Total Exoneration!
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    Anthony Kennedy retires next month.

    So, swing-vote Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Who will 45 put in his place? Swapping in Gorsuch for Scalia didn't make waves since their politics were pretty much going to be identical. But this is Trump's opportunity to install a generational 5-4 conservative majority. What will he do with it?
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    PRAISE THE LORD! (Everything is Terrible New Feature + Tour)

    I almost can't believe EIT hasn't made this movie before now... it's too perfect.
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    BOMBSHELL from Project Veritas reveals MSM SCHEME to FRAME ROY MOORE. Just kidding. Project Veritas is run by hacks and believed by...
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    You guuuuuuuys! The new DOJ federal asset forfeiture guidelines just came out!

    Your state's laws won't protect you!
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    MOAB Summmary: We just spent 15.7 million to recreate a scene from Rogue One in Afghanistan.
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    Last night in Sweden.

    So here's a Trump-adjacent topic. Recently Paul Joseph Watson (@prisonplanet) offered, as a dare, to pay for representatives of American media to stay in a Swedish "no go" zone. Tim Pool (@Timcast) took him up on it. He's uploading videos from Malmo this week. Here's his channel...
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    Lasagna Cat has returned.

    Repent, sinners.
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    Who did you actually vote for?

    Let's do this. Cards on the table. Are you ready to own your vote? I surprised myself in 2004 by voting for Badnarik. I have voted Libertarian in the two subsequent races. I surprised myself again this year. I'll hate myself for this for the next four years. I know I will. Sometimes you have...
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    President 2016 Poll - Way Better Than LWK's Poll

    Vote your conscience. Edit: Well fuuuuuuuck. I closed out before I could finish adding all the critters to the poll. Edit 2 FMK: Johnson, Stein, Castle?
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    Android and Linux Handhelds - Shield, GCW Zero, GP2X, Pandora, Pyra, JXD, etc.

    Starting a thread for ongoing discussion of the various "open" or semi-open handhelds.
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    It's time.

    Time to light the pumpkins, time to put on your costumes and paint up your faces, time to rip open the plastic bags and dump the Blow Pops and Tootsie Rolls and Nestlé’s Crunches in the big bowl. This is supposed to trick us into leaving your mortal soul alone, make us stray away, but no one...
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    The Dark Mod no longer requires Doom 3 to play.

    Thief clone is open source, free, and (now) standalone.