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  1. PCE_Fanboy


    If you want to split them up I will buy a few of them I just happen to have most of the NES games.
  2. PCE_Fanboy

    WTB - JPN RGB Cables - Saturn/PS2/Sigma Raijin

    Chaoticjelly custom made my DUO scart cable as well as a few others.
  3. PCE_Fanboy

    WTB: Modded PS2

    PM sent on PS2 deal.
  4. PCE_Fanboy

    FS/FT: Core Grafx & Games

    PM'ed and a bump
  5. PCE_Fanboy

    Ebay: Dead Space, MGS4 LE, Sealed FF Revenge, Double Dragon 2 PCE

    Another bump for a good seller and your DOuble Dragon should sell for a few bucks more. To much for me now since it is by far the worst DD game in the series. Well I don't count V as it was a fighter and had it's own class of suckassyness
  6. PCE_Fanboy

    FS: Console games: Panzer Dragoon Saga, NES, SNES, MD, PSX, 7800 - Prices lowered

    Man if that PD Saga wasn't a rental, I just couldn't spend that much on one but it looks rather clean and I have bought from this seller here and he has always sent me top quality times so you shouldn't be disappointed.
  7. PCE_Fanboy

    Region Modded DUO-RX w/ New Hop-3 Laser

    Both are sold!!
  8. PCE_Fanboy

    Region Modded DUO-RX w/ New Hop-3 Laser

    So I have a DUO-RX that has the region mod preformed. I am only looking to get rid of this as I found a semi-cheap Supergrafx. Comes with one 6 button arcade pad, all factory hookups. I also have a few HU cards I can toss in, US and Japan so that you can test the mod. I have the switch installed...
  9. PCE_Fanboy

    FT: some NEC shooters...

    Well if it is Blazing Lasers then US, as it is called Gunhed overseas but I am sure you knew that :P
  10. PCE_Fanboy

    Wanted: RGB Scart cables for various systems

    I have some for the DC and saturn I don't need. Would part with them both for $20 shipped. The DC one is brand new and the Saturn one as well. My scart to component video encoder doesn't support sound so the only deck I can use it on is my X'eye and DUO-RX as they have A/V mods.
  11. PCE_Fanboy

    Golden Axe 3 Mint an Complete mega drive $30

    Just wish this one didn't have the region lockout as my Honeybee and a megakey won't boot this.
  12. PCE_Fanboy

    Golden Axe 3 Mint an Complete mega drive $30

    Damn god deal I just bought one for $30 shipped NIB. Wish I would have seen this one. :(
  13. PCE_Fanboy

    Viper Gamecube w/ Component Cables (RGB)

    Would you take $100 for both shipped?
  14. PCE_Fanboy

    FS: RGB Modded PC Engine Core 2

    Man shipping to the US is out of the question but bump for a nice item!!
  15. PCE_Fanboy

    FS: DC, PS, Saturn games and more!

    Ditto :lol: Great seller here and items are better than he describes.
  16. PCE_Fanboy

    WTB ps2 hdloader

    A member here named quoth has one for sale at least he did, even though we don't get a long you might want to PM him as he only wanted $20 for his.
  17. PCE_Fanboy

    FS: Original Model Genesis w/ Sega CD + Extras

    Nice deal on this set, I would scoop this up guys.
  18. PCE_Fanboy

    Selling region mod Duo R/TG16-PCE games/Final Fantasy VII PS1 (pics)

    Is Cadash for sale? If so I will buy it
  19. PCE_Fanboy

    Castlevania Dracula X SNES Auction

    Take it the last guy fell through??? Bump for a great member!!
  20. PCE_Fanboy

    FS-arcade PCBs....New things added...

    Man I have been looking for a ghouls and ghost for years!! I am sad now, guess I'll go boot my X'eye and play that again!! Nice deals here though and a bump. EDIT If you don't mind me asking how much did it go for??