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  1. snes_collector

    WTB GameFan Magazines

    Anyone have any old GameFan Magazines they don't want? Issues numbers or condition doesn't matter, I'd just like to read some.
  2. snes_collector

    Non working Sega CD Model 2 $50+ shipping

    No power. Could be a blown fuse. Something is rattling inside. I don’t know how to fix this stuff so I haven’t opened it. $50 plus shipping or trade
  3. snes_collector

    Another price insanity thread 2021 Edition

    Anyone paying attention to the major price hike going on across the board on not only video games, but all collectibles? Here are some recent eBay auctions that seem insane to me: Chrono Trigger CIB $2,550-...
  4. snes_collector

    Are we gonna talk about the GameStop stock situation

    As an outsider, this has been pretty interesting to see unfold. Curious to see where this ends and what happens next. Anyone got skin in the game?
  5. snes_collector

    WTB PS2 Network Adapter

    Looking for a PS2 network adapter if anyone has one. Thanks
  6. snes_collector

    Playstation 2 Slim Not Spinning Disk Correctly

    Just replaced my ribbon cable in my PS2 and now the disk is not spinning correctly. I hadn't used the PS2 in a couple years due to the ribbon scratching disk but a new laser was put in shortly before it messed up. Any advice is appreciated. Here is a video:
  7. snes_collector

    FS/FT Open The Vault Sale- Tons of Saturn games + More

    Hey guys, I've got a bunch of games for sale/trade. Prices do not include shipping, but I will ship worldwide. Most games are in decent/good condition, anything with major wear I marked. I also posted a list of things I am looking for at the bottom of the page if you are interested in trading...
  8. snes_collector

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered

    I loved THPS back in the day, played 1 & 3 all the time. These remasters looks really promising and I'm down to go back
  9. snes_collector

    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection & Journey Free on PSN

    Sony is giving away the Uncharted Collection and Journey through May 15th: Direct links to grab the games:
  10. snes_collector

    Fanatical SNK Pick and Mix 5 games for $2.99- today only

    Just saw this posted on CAG and thought I'd share on here. Fanatical has a deal on SNK games for, $1 each game or 5 for $2.99. Includes many favorites and KOF XIII...
  11. snes_collector

    Favorite Games 2010-2019

    Since we are at the end of a decade- what are your favorite games you have played throughout the past 10 years? Some of my favorites the really stand out: Animal Crossing New Leaf Breath of the Wild Fantasy Life Fire Pro Wrestling World Fire Emblem Awakening Gran Turismo 6 Shantae And The...
  12. snes_collector

    RGOTM September 2019: Metal Slug 2

    This month we are playing Metal Slug 2. Default difficulty, one credit Score: 1. Chosen One - 2,869,200 - Stage 5 MVS 2. NeoDogg - 2,035,060 - Stage 4 MVS 3. egg_sanwich - 1,690,940 - Stage 5 MVS 4. gusmoney - 1,369,230 - Stage 3 MVS 5. snes_collector- 743,600- Stage 2 MVS 6. NERDtendo -...
  13. snes_collector

    RGOTM September Voting Thread

    Voting thread for the Random Game of The Month for September: Cleopatra Fortune- Arcade, Saturn, Playstation, Dreamcast: King of Dragons- Arcade, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PS2, Xbox, SNES Metal Slug 2- Neo Geo, Switch, PSN
  14. snes_collector

    RGoTM August 2019: Tetris The Grand Master

    Let's see who can become the Grand Master at Tetris in this arcade game by Akira Scoreboard: 1: NERDtendo - 25,544 - Grade S2 - PCB 2: ChopstickSamurai - 16,344 - Grade S1 - PCB
  15. snes_collector

    **FOUND** Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for Gamecube

    EDIT: Game has been found, thanks! Looking for a copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for Gamecube if anyone has one. I really would like a copy with case and manual but would entertain copies missing one or both. Thanks!
  16. snes_collector

    Some Homecarts for Sale/Trade

    Trying to thin the heard a little bit on the home carts. US/Canada only unless you are respected member. No leeches/flippers please. I tried my best to adequately describe them and price fairly. Prices do not include shipping. Alpha Mission II- Complete dog tag version. Tray is cracked but...
  17. snes_collector

    Various game lots for sale (Added some Saturn games)

    EDIT 1/22 added some saturn games Advanced V.G. $20 [SOLD] Groove On Fight w/Spine $40 [SOLD] Ninku (broken case) $10 Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty $5 [SOLD] Super Real Mahjong Graffiti $10 Thunderforce IV has some fading on spine $40 + ship [SOLD] NBA Jam $10 [SOLD] PS4 lot $16+ ship...
  18. snes_collector

    Sim City NES Lost Prototype Released

    The video game history foundation has acquired and released the lost prototype for Sim City for NES. This one has been highly wanted by NES fans for years. Even if you are not interested in playing, the website has a fantastic article about Sim City’s origins on Nintendo platforms...
  19. snes_collector

    Resident Evil PSX Longbox $30 Shipped

    Resident Evil for PSX Longbox. Complete but has wear on the box. This and manual are good but inside smells a bit smokey from previous owner. $30 shipped in the USA, international add exact. Imgur album: