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  1. ShootTheCore

    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    Soldier Blade by Hudson Soft for the PC Engine & TurboGrafx-16 is our Shmup of the Month for September. Let's track scores for the Normal, 2 Minute Time Attack and 5 Minute Time Attack. Normal Mode...
  2. ShootTheCore

    SOTM September Vote: Caravan!

    For September, let's do a caravan shmup! A caravan shmup is focused on a "score attack" design and a full game is often limited to 2 or 5 minutes. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II Platform: Arcade Developer: NMK Hoizontal shmup with 10 levels, divided into an Easy, Medium, and Hard path...
  3. ShootTheCore

    SotM 2021 Monthly Host, List of Previous Games, Shmup Discussion

    Here is the final SotM 2021 monthly hosting list: January: egg_sanwich February: NERDtendo March: _rm_ April: opt2not May: wataru330 June: neodogg July: NERDtendo August: kuze September: ShootTheCore October: daskrabs November: c0nn0r December: ShootTheCore If you need to miss your hosted...
  4. ShootTheCore

    SOTM: Mushihimesama Futari and Armed Police Batrider

    Mushihimesama Futari 3 Lives, Regular difficulty Strategy Guide: Version 1.5 Original ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ## - Name - Score - Stage - Char -...
  5. ShootTheCore

    SOTM 2021 Hosting

    We need volunteer hosts for Shmup of the Month 2021. Speak up now and claim a month, and let me know if you're willing to take on a second one as well. I'll take one or two unclaimed months at the end. January: egg_sanwich February: NERDtendo March: _rm_ April: opt2not May: wataru330 June...
  6. ShootTheCore

    SOTM: Vote now for December 2020

    I think we can all agree that 2020 was a horrible year in the outside world, so let's end SOTM 2020 on a high note. These five shmups are all from the annual Top 25 Shmups of All Time poll on the Shmups forum and haven't been selected as SOTM for several years. Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 & Black...
  7. ShootTheCore

    Wanted: MV-1FZ MVS Motherboard

    Anyone have a good-condition MV-1FZ MVS motherboard that they'd like to sell me? Doesn't have to be pristine, but I don't want a trashed or heavily-repaired one either. Don't care if it has a UniBIOS or not.
  8. ShootTheCore

    WTB: Red Shockboxes

    I’m looking for a handful of red Shockboxes - Southtown Homebrew is out of stock. The red-on-white would be ideal, but red-on-black would be fine too. Let me know if you have a few extra you can let go. Thanks!
  9. ShootTheCore

    SotM: 2020 Monthly Host, List of Previous Games, Shmup Discussion

    Here is the final SotM monthly hosting list: January: ShootTheCore February: NERDtendo March: egg_sanwich April: Opt2Not May: Neodogg June: Daskrabs July: NERDtendo August: Kuze September: _rm_ October: Opt2Not November: C0nn0r December: ShootTheCore If you need to miss your hosted month...
  10. ShootTheCore

    SotM Jan 2020: Castle Shikigami 2

    The first SotM for 2020 is Castle Shikigami 2. Utilize the Tension Bullet System for high scores and defeat the New World Order. This game is available for the Naomi arcade platform, Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, original XBox and PC. AFAIK, the scoring and gameplay is identical across all the...
  11. ShootTheCore

    SOTM: Vote Now for January 2020

    It's a new year, which means it's a great time for second chances. These four shmups each came in second place in the monthly poll during the SotM 2019 voting season. Now one of them will enjoy a well-deserved month in the spotlight. Castle of Shikigami 2: Vertical bullet-hell developed in...
  12. ShootTheCore

    SotM: January 2020

    Who’s our host and game for kicking off 2020?
  13. ShootTheCore

    SOTM: R-Type II

    R-Type II by Irem is the December Shmup of the Month. Blast Off and Strike the Bydo Empire! We're going with the arcade version as the baseline, and AFAIK the "Dimensions" and "Dimensions EX" ports don't change anything that would affect the scoring. That gives you the PCB, MAME, PS1, PS3...
  14. ShootTheCore

    SotM: December Poll

    Happy Holidays fellow shmuppers! Pick your poison for the very merry month of December. Cyvern The Dragon Weapons The last shmup developed my Kaneko, Cyvern is a danmaku vertical shmup with a steampunk / bioengineering theme. Choose from three cybernetic dragons and collect medals for a high...
  15. ShootTheCore

    Project xCloud and Google Stadia - Cloud Streaming Your Games

    67 ms of lag on Project xCloud and 166 ms of lag on Google Stadia. Why is this acceptable to people?
  16. ShootTheCore

    [SOLD] FS: AES NAM-1975 English with Censored Packaging

    Up for sale is a copy of NAM-1975 for the Neo-Geo AES, English, with the factory-censored markings on the insert, manual, and label. Everything is in good condition, although the plastic tray has the usual cracks in the corners. Asking $80USD + Shipping. PayPal Gift or PayPal Regular + 3%...
  17. ShootTheCore

    Rashlander released for the Griffin Aerotech Airframe hardware

    The second game for the Griffin Aerotech Airframe hardware, Rashlander, has been released. I have an Airframe setup for Skycurser (an awesome game), but I’m having a hard time justifying the $600 pricetag for Rashlander based on those demo videos. Thoughts...
  18. ShootTheCore

    SuperGrafx Game Compatibility Glitches - Super SD System 3

    I've been using the Super SD System 3 with my SuperGrafx system for the last couple of weeks, and I've had a few compatibility glitches that are consistent and reproducible. I've tried different rip downloads of the games and experienced the same issues. I also play with the soft reset feature...
  19. ShootTheCore

    FS: NGCD, NES, SNES, Genesis, SegaCD, Dreamcast games - priced to move

    ​I'm clearing out a handful of games and pricing them to move. Price includes shipping in the lower 48 US states - outside of there, talk to me. PayPal Gift or normal + 3%. Link to the photos after the prices. Neo Geo CD Viewpoint - $30 SOLD Japanese version. Excellent condition disc, manual...
  20. ShootTheCore

    WTB: Taito F3 Board

    Title says it all-let me know if you have a Taito F3 mainboard you'd like to sell in good working order. I don't care if the region tabs are present or removed.