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  1. prosper1ne

    wtb hori hrap vlx ps3 joystick original 1st version that was released

    Im looking for the original ps3 version of this vlx joystick in either brand new or boxed/excellent condition. Ive got about 300 to spend. Paypal ready. Pm me if youve got one you would sell. Thanks, justin
  2. prosper1ne

    where can i get some replacement graphics printed up for my mv-u4?

    Does anyone know where i can get some replacement decals printed at? Thanks in advance for the info
  3. prosper1ne

    arcade popping noise when i turn it off

    Im not sure what causes it. When i power off it makes a pop. Sounds like it comes from the speakers. Ive heard this in the past on other cabs. Is it the board i have in? Is it a bad ground? I dont know but im curious. Dont wanna damage anything. Thanks for the help
  4. prosper1ne


    I want to buy the wire cup holder in this pic. Pm if u have for sale. Paypal ready
  5. prosper1ne

    i cant get my typex2 setup to work

    I need help. Ive had my type x2 setup for a few years now, but ive never been able to get the dang thing to work. Essentially i just gave up on it and Its been collecting dust ever since. I dont have any original games to test, but i do have an hd loaded with games that i got from bigtime. He...
  6. prosper1ne

    for sale extra dc tg16 ps2 nes snes n64 gamecube and wii crap ect

    Prices are shipped in us 48. Ill accept paypal gift as payment. Jeremy mcgrath super cross 2000 5 dc Luigis mansion 30 gc Pikimin 30 gc Super mario sunshine 28 gc Mario kart double dash 30 gc Paper mario 27 gc Madcatz controller 10 gc Super monkey ball 12 gc Metal gear 3 limited edition guide...
  7. prosper1ne

    what candy cab is the most difficult to clean?

    For me its been the windy. Such a pain in the butt. There are hella compartments. Its just ridiculous
  8. prosper1ne

    FOUND red taito ashtray

    Red taito ashtray. Anyone wanna sell? FOUND
  9. prosper1ne

    pc engine ninja gaiden and us turbo grafx system question

    I was wondering.. with a converter device.. would the pc engine ninja gaiden hu card work on my us turbo grafx system? How bout ghouls n ghosts?
  10. prosper1ne

    ps360+ question dreamcast

    Im using my ps360+ with dreamcast and everytime i turn the system on and off. I have to unplug and reconnect the cable from the control port in order for it to register? Anyone know why? Thanks
  11. prosper1ne

    vewlix monitor mode questions. dreamcast

    I'm trying to understand the different options this vewlix l monitor has.. it has an option for different modes such as 443 448 477 479 480 1024 1280 and 1360. What exactly do the numbers mean? the reason I ask is because I just hooked up a Dreamcast in the cabinet and im wondering if it matters...
  12. prosper1ne

    windy monitor horizontal position issue

    Ive got a windy cab and the horizontal position pot is maxed out, yet ive still got about a half inch bar on the right side of the monitor. Does that mean i need a cap kit? Thanks
  13. prosper1ne

    Now with pics. Power supply question. Neo Mv-u4 cab

    I was going to replace the stock snk power supply in my cabinet with a new meanwell psu that I have, but there are a few terminals on the stock psu that I dont recognize. They are marked fg, h and n. can anyone help me identify them? Thanks
  14. prosper1ne

    Asian 3rd strike jamma or similar

    I used to have an asian 3rd strike jamma pcb. Whos:loco: got one and how much would it cost me? Im not very knowledable about jamma 3rd strike options nowadays but if there is a better avenue than the asian version I speak of lemme know. Thnx j
  15. prosper1ne

    I need 2 taito ashtrays! Whos got em?

    Need 2 taito ashtrays. Paypal ready
  16. prosper1ne

    neo Mv u4 25" cabinet problems. monitor doesnt turn on

    hey there, I've got one of the neo 25 inch mvu4 cabs. Lately the monitor hasn't been turning on when I turn the power on the cab. The marquee lights up fine and it looks like the monitor wants to turn on but it doesnt. Im not sure if its a connection problem? maybe the jamma harness connecting...
  17. prosper1ne

    Whos got a gamecube component cable?

    Lmk if youve got and price
  18. prosper1ne

    problems installing typex2 mobo in vewlix L

    hey there, i just got around to trying to install my type x2 mobo in my blue vewlix L. the mobo is version 207A. im trying to run an hdd that was pre loaded with games. im getting an error msg that says (error loading operating system.) has anyone here ever encountered this problem before? for a...
  19. prosper1ne

    Wtb atari jaguar system with some games in decent condition for a decent price

    Like title says. Pm me if youve got one. Thanks j