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  1. DanAdamKOF

    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    Might be Fatal Fury 3, BJ Love's hammy delivery and Geese doing his thing are too great
  2. DanAdamKOF

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Nice work.
  3. DanAdamKOF

    LG 4K Widescreen - stays black after initial power on

    Since you've got two of the same TV, you could swap one board at a time between them to isolate the issue.
  4. DanAdamKOF

    Finally deleted my Photobucket account

    Yep, this. I actually randomly was on the Shoryuken Tech Talk forums recently and found a 10 year old thread I started with some schematics obliterated by the Photobucket restrictions. I reuploaded everything to Imgur and edited the posts with those links instead. Fuck Photobucket.
  5. DanAdamKOF

    OverTop MVS=Cars won’t steer

    I haven't had this issue, but have you tried clearing backup RAM to see if that fixes it?
  6. DanAdamKOF

    Happy Birthday ebinsugewa

    Happy birthday! :D
  7. DanAdamKOF

    Happy Birthday BBH

    Happy BBHirthday!
  8. DanAdamKOF

    New Nanao MS9 hacks to enable 31khz and improve sharpness

    Hi all, mikejmoffitt has written up a guide on the MS9 chassis, which includes modifications to enable 31khz and improve sharpness:
  9. DanAdamKOF

    WTT: Altered Beast (+ JAMMA adapter)

    Thank you but I’ll pass on that.
  10. DanAdamKOF

    WTT: Altered Beast (+ JAMMA adapter)

    Bump, this is still available. Looking for maybe puzzle, fighter, or shooting pcbs, but really anything will be considered.
  11. DanAdamKOF

    Anyone interested in Twitch streaming from actual AES hardware?

    I use a USB3HDCAP so something is wrong with your config if you can’t use it directly in OBS. I can just set it as a video capture device in OBS and off I go. Edit: I see you’re using a Twitch app to stream. Try out OBS, or if you don’t quite like OBS, Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) is another flavor...
  12. DanAdamKOF

    Anyone interested in Twitch streaming from actual AES hardware?

    Shot you a follow! ( Personally I only check Twitch sporadically and don't usually follow anyone's schedule. All I can say is that if I'm looking at my follow list and a game catches my eye somehow I'll usually click and watch that stream for an hour or two (as long...
  13. DanAdamKOF

    My long overdue Super Neo 29 restore project post

    Take a look at this guide to buff out scratches. I’ve seen the results of this fix and it’s perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. DanAdamKOF

    Happy Birthday DanAdamKOF and HellioN

    Thanks everybody! :)
  15. DanAdamKOF

    161 in 1 version 2?

    Kabuki Klash was on the original cart though.
  16. DanAdamKOF

    [Pulstar] "Extend" horizontal resolution of gameplay screens

    Awesome thread! Thanks for sharing your findings! Man, KOF 96 is all sorts of jank haha
  17. DanAdamKOF

    More lost game title translations please

    Echoing that it's great to hear from you Shito, and this is a great update years in the making! Also recommending Imgur for image hosting these days :)
  18. DanAdamKOF

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Yeah it’s a known limitation that the 2950Q only likes a raw sync signal as sync Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. DanAdamKOF

    CRT Fetish Thread

    I dunno what these aforementioned 2950Q sync problems could be caused by. I've thrown a multitude of RGB consoles and PCBs at my 2950Q and have not hit any sync issues. My consoles go through a Sync Strike and with CSync fed into HSync of the PVM (per the manual), and my PCBs connect directly to...