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    Game Swap June 27th King of Prussia, PA Who's going?

    Just thought I would post this, if the event actually happens, I will be going. Just got confirmation Carlson and Pasaito will be coming, not as vendors, though. I just got my 2nd shot last Thursday so, it would be nice if we could finally start a convention season with this as the 1st...
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    Dowgrading DSi firmware

    Need help on getting earlier firmware for my Nintendo DSi. Not looking to do anything special, just want to use my Action Replay again. Any help would be appreciated. Jon
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    Noobow GB (original) English Translation patch released!

    Just thought I would let everyone know about this. It's actually a very fun, cute little game. An English translation patch was just released a few days ago. Looks pretty good. Unfortunately, as I have Ubuntu, I won't be able to play it. The...
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    PSA: Crystal Pepsi is back on store shelves

    Just noticed them over the weekend. I bought a few of them to try out. They're very similar to Pepsi...but, with kind of a Sprite aftertaste. Definitely better than buying a vintage one for $100+. Jon EDIT: Thus far, I've only seen 20 oz. versions.
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    Gaming accomplishments that you could never do

    Here's mine: uk6wj03BeiA Dark Demon from Demon's Crest on SNES. Only accessible with a code after getting every item in the game. I've been trying to beat him for about 20 years, still can't do it. Even with full potions, Armor Crest, I still fall short, for some reason. I'm still not...
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    So, a buddy tried to teach me to drive manual yesterday

    Long story short, it didn't go well. TL;DR version: He drove us to a church parking lot in a WRX. He explained what I had to do and, I thought I got it. I had no idea the clutch was on the left side...I always thought it was in the middle. Anyway, stalled first couple times. The part I'm...
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    Game systems you have to completely recuse yourself from

    Atari Jaguar. Jon
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    HBD Stefan

    43...holy crap! I thought you were in your mid-30's? Jon PS: See you at TMG!
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    HBD SuperGun AKA Billy Pitt

    Happy 43rd, Billy. Jon PS: Release that Atomiswave game.
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    Time to ask: YouTube video "stars" and the rising cost of games

    The basic question here is do wanna be Youtube "stars" contribute to the rising cost of games? I've brought this topic up at various conventions and the answer I usually get is "yes". I'm also not saying it's the only cause of rising prices, just one of them. I'll give you guys one example...
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    Question for Everdrive owners

    Just curious if you own an Everdrive and the following situation has happened to you. I myself have a Game Boy and Famicom everdrive. I have a decent collection of Game Boy and NES games...220 GB and 150 NES. The thing that I immediately noticed after getting mine is that I'm rarely getting...
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    New Banner?

    Not sure what Shawn's obsession with Shigen from Last Blade is but, I think we've been looking at it for way too long. Who's with me? Maybe we could have a design contest, or something? Jon
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    Game Genie codes?

    Anyone know a good place to get codes for Game Genie? Specifically Game Boy Game Genie codes? I've been looking for 20 minutes and it just seems like the codes have simply disappeared. I even went to and searched for Game Genie Code Creators Club. Anyway, if anyone can help, it...
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    Just turned on my PS3...this is fucking ridiculous...

    So, I decided to fire up Gran Turismo 6 for the first time in six months. I was expecting a couple updates but, I'm sitting here just in shock... There are five updates. First one is 100 megs, second is 295, third is 961....keep in mind, the counter at the bottom says that it's only 16% of...
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    Strange movies you saw as a kid

    By far, the most bizarre movie I've ever seen was this animated film called A Mouse and His Child. Apparently, I used to watch it constantly! Watching it today...I assume most of the subtle symbolism went right over my head. p2XfzrRl3fs Jon PS: HUGE props if you can make it through the...
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    Too Many Games convention Father's Day Weekend! WHO'S GOING?!!! Just thought I would give everyone a head's up on this convention that I've been going to for the past 6 years. Like the title says, it will be held next week...which is Father's Day weekend. I will be there with my own table (JSJ Games) with consoles on free play. I...
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    What is the most bizarre game you've ever played?

    Thought I'd make a new topic after replaying a game from my childhood I've always thought was the weirdest, most bizarre game I've ever played. Little back story, I only really had one system up until I was a freshman in high school, which was Game Boy. For a little kid, I actually had a...
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    Happy Birthday, 16-bit!

    Just wanted to wish my good friend, Carlson, AKA 16-bit a happy birthday! Jon
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    PS3 died...anyone ever had there's repaired?

    I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the Tech forum but, I just wanted a few opinions on this. I was comparing a friend's trophies to my own when I hear a beep (usually indicating the system is being shut down) the screen goes blank, and the console's red light is flashing. After...
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    Just made the most awesome brownies ever! (w/recipe)

    What you'll need: 1 package of Betty Crocker FROSTED Brownies (very important) plus, everything listed on the box including vegetable oil and 2 eggs. 1 package of Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars (the ones with six bars in it) 1 package of wrapped caramels Now for the directions: 1. Follow all...