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    A new consolized MVS has dropped, the "Open MVS" AKA "OMVS"

    My buddy Avram (avramce here) spent a long while on this project and it just dropped today. Here's a video about it: Links to the order page etc. are in the video description...
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    Any members here play games on Steam? Just picked up Sea of Thieves as it's on sale!

    Heard Sea of Thieves is great fun so picked it up finally as it's on sale on the Steam Store right now. I love Rare and it's "rare" to see a game these days made by them. Anyhow, I heard it's best with groups of people so if anyone here plays let me know and I'll add you. My name on most gaming...
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    WTB: Some kits I'll likely never find anytime soon

    Hey all, shot in the dark as these are some of the harder ones to find, but never hurts to try! Would offer a generous amount for any of these in very good condition w/matching serials. Here is my ballpark range I'm thinking for each: ENG Last Blade 2: $2,000-2,200 ENG Pulstar: $1,000-1,200 JP...
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    FS: Shock Troopers 2nd Squad MVS Kit (matching serials) *Price Lowered*

    Hey all, I purchased this kit from egg_sandwich a few weeks back(a member on the forums here, who's a pleasure to deal with BTW). It's up for sale now because I recently acquired an additional copy by chance as part of a large local trade and I have no need for two. The art contents and cart...
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    WTB: Various English MVS Kits (edited w/Pulstar and NitD offers)

    I'm looking to travel down the long hard road of slowly rebuilding my English MVS kit collection. I can offer good prices if they're in nice condition. I don't really care about the carts being scuffed up as long as they work; just want matching serials/all artwork, the labels on both the...
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    FS: RGB Modded Toploader NES System (Price Lowered again, $215 shipped) ALL SOLD

    Pics: (any damages/wear on items listed below are shown in the pics linked above and if you need further pictures of anything I'll happily provide them) Note: Shipping prices are for people in the US, if you are international PM me for a quote...
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    A really great documentary on Tom Dubois; the artist behind most US Konami art etc.

    Was just watching this randomly on YouTube and thought I'd share as it's really well done and it was great hearing him tell his stories. It turns out he was pretty moved by the documentary as well and had no idea about the influence he had until now judging from his YouTube comment on the video...
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    WTB: US Genesis Games, US Sega CD Games

    Built up my collection quite a bit again after selling it a while back here (at about 50 now!), but still need to find quite a few titles in near mint or greater condition. Off the top of my head I need what's listed below, but if you have something that is good that isn't listed and is not...
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    For Sale: Elemental Master CIB (US Sega Genesis) or trade for rare NES, SNES or Gen Games

    Selling my extra copy of Elemental Master and losing money on it. Price is $150. Now is your chance to own one of the best shmups on the system along with its cringe-worthy but charming boxart. I would entertain some trades possibly; rare SNES carts, NES carts or Genesis CIB's. Looking for...
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    WTB: Mega Turrican CIB Genesis (also have a nice US CIB of Elemental Master to trade)

    Looking to get this title again, my all time favorite Genesis game... In near mint - mint condition. Will pay a fair price. Send me a PM if you have it and are willing to sell. PS: I do have a spare US CIB copy of Elemental Master to trade if you rather have that. Roughly the same value...
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    WTB: US NES Dogbone Controllers x2

    Just secured a RGB toploader from someone here, but it comes with no controllers. Need to get two dogbones ASAP. Want controllers that are in cood condition, and US (for the longer cord lengths). Please send me a PM with your asking price if you have any. Cheers, Michael
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    One of life's great mysteries

    Why hasn't Nintendo made a normal system without any gimmicks in years? Think Nintendo, think. It breaks my heart that I can never be excited about anything you do anymore. I just refuse to wave magic wands around or have a controller akin to a transformer on my lap.
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    Check out these messages I received from an eBay seller!

    This is why I don't eBay much folks... Me: Hey, just noticed the Saturn Skeleton system auction was taken down, I was planning on bidding. Any reason it was taken down? (there were already bids on it) Seller: al-hamdulillah Hi, I removed it from auction for the time being and will list...
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    WTB: S-Video modded Genesis High Def Graphics Model 1 or svid adapter

    Looking for a model 1 with s video mod or an s video adapter for Genesis. If you have one shoot me a PM, doesn't have to be complete.
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    Unsolved Mysteries

    I recently re-discovered this series due to it being up for streaming now on Amazon Prime. That intro music combined with Robert Stack's voice is still scary as shit. I won't be sleeping well tonight. Most definitely the catalyst of every millennial's nightmares.
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    WTB: Mega Turrican, Gunstar Heroes, CV Bloodlnes, Contra HC, Elemental Mstr, Alsia Dragoon

    Looking for the titles above in the title. If you have any other good US Genesis games though let me know. Must be complete and in good condition. Clamshells only plz. I'm primarily looking for MEGA TURRICAN as it's my favorite game of all time and I need it back in my life. Secondly ELEMENTAL...
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    FS/FT: SNES carts (good titles) Chrono Trigger, Contra III etc. PICS ADDED PRICES LOWERED

    Decided I want to go the CIB route with SNES, alongside my Genesis stuff etc. I know it's crazy expensive but there are only 20-30 titles I want for the SNES anyway so it's doable for me. So, just selling these here off. Would consider trades for CIB Genesis and SNES games as well. Games are...
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    PVM 2530 help, issues with my picture on SNES and Genesis

    I just got a PVM monitor and the highest quality cables possible from retroconsoleaccessories. When I turn both my Genesis and SNES on with most games there is a picture about 50 percent of the time, other times it shows black. When there is a picture it is garbled/wavy. I attached an example...
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    WTB/Build Request: SCART or RGB cables for US SNES GEN and PVM 2530 Adapter

    It would be awesome if someone here can build me these cables. I just got a PVM 2530 and it has a proprietary connector in the back, so I need to go from that co nnecter to female SCART or RGB; and then depending on what region that adapter is made for I will need either SCART or RGB cables for...