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  1. J

    Metal Slug Slot Machine

    Still available. Asking here before it's off to the bay.
  2. J

    Metal Slug Slot Machine

    I used to live in Ohio... Maybe if my brother visits me soon and I still have it, I'll ping you. Jeff
  3. J

    Metal Slug Slot Machine

    Anyone interested in a Metal Slug skill-slot machine? I'm looking to sell mine since I don't use it and it's been in storage for a couple years. Asking $500. These are big and heavy so expect shipping costs to be around $150-200 in the US. I'm in Tampa FL area so pickup is an option. Email...
  4. J

    Knights Chance - MVS cart

    Sorry about the email typo - corrected. Seriously though, please email versus posts. I don't visit these forums much anymore since it's not really mobile friendly.
  5. J

    Knights Chance - MVS cart

    Email me your name at and I'll add you to the list. Let me know your preference - AES, MVS, Digital (NeoSD). I'm gauging interest to determine if we should make a small second run of the game.
  6. J

    RIP Jedah Doma

    So sad to hear of Brian’s passing. He was a great guy and was extremely helpful and creative when we worked on Knight’s Chance. His voice will live on forever in a Neo game!
  7. J

    Interest check for Knight's Chance reprint

    I have 2x AES copies of Knight's Chance on hand now. These are available on a first come basis. Both carts are in absolute mint condition and can be repackaged as Japanese if desired (currently both English). The seller is asking 750 each + shipping. Contact me at if you're...
  8. J

    Contacting You Guys

    Did you guys change your email address? I’ve also tried a PM here that has got not response either... Jeff
  9. J

    NeoGeo ROM Preservation Society thread.

    To help the cause, I can use my PC2NEO to read P data if carts are sent to me, and of course I can also do physical dumps if the game calls for it. You guys can reach me at Jeff
  10. J

    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    Very impressive - nice work!!
  11. J

    FS: Fusion MVS Converter - Price Drop - SOLD

    Asking $125 or best offer, plus shipping. PayPal gift/friend preferred or add 3% to cover fees. Email me at if interested.
  12. J

    Neo carts and enhancement chips?

    Sure they could have done this stuff. A cart with RAM for tile data would have allowed them to do some tile (sprite) rotation, and casting or a number of other tricks. They could have even offloaded some 3D calculations to a CPU on the cart board to handle this process. It would only be limited...
  13. J

    Super Volley 94 (Power Spikes II) Mission - Check your PSII Cart!

    There's no need to patch the P1 for the graphics (sprites). That's all fine and works with the SV'94 P1 dump. We just need the M1 and S1 now. We'll get them as soon as I (or someone else) can get a chance to build an adapter to read them from the edge of the cart. The owner of the cart doesn't...
  14. J

    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    You're in China or Abu Dhabi, correct? NeoSD has proof of shipment, correct? Sounds like you need to move elsewhere or take this up with your local postal agency on your end. Jeff
  15. J

    Super Volley 94 (Power Spikes II) Mission - Check your PSII Cart!

    No, I've been wrapped up and haven't had a chance to work on a edge reader to get the M1 & S1.
  16. J

    Official 3D Printing discussion and projects thread

    I'd like to see a small AES shell for the Pi 3. People are making them for other retro consoles but I haven't seen one for the Neo yet.
  17. J

    Read ROMs without desoldering them?

    Pedrobear is correct - you'll run into issues trying to read an eprom in-circuit. We dumped Super Volley 94's P1 using the PC2NEO (USB) device from Razoola. I plan on building an adapter to go after the M1 & S1 when I get some free time - just haven't had the chance to do it. I'll probably try...
  18. J

    FS: Daedalus MVS Converter - Price Drop - SOLD

    Price Drop bump. It's off to fleabay next week if there's no interest here.