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  1. RAZO

    SOTN port for the Megadrive

    Looks like someone is trying to port SOTN to the Megadrive. I would have preferred Rondo but still kind of cool with the progress being made.
  2. RAZO

    FS: NTF Memory Card, Controllers, Extension Cables, Video Cables *Sold*

    *Sold* Got another small bundle of stuff I no longer have any use for. Asking $80>$65>$50 Shipped 1. NTF Memory Card. The bank switch is broken. You could use something small like a needle to move it left and right. 2. Ps1 Controller 3. 2 Sega Genesis 6 button controllers 4. 1 Retrobit...
  3. RAZO

    FS: Svideo Modded Genesis Bundle w/ Mega ED V1 *Sold*

    $100 Shipped. *Sold* Rgb output works fine. No video cable, sorry.
  4. RAZO

    FS: Brook Controller Adapters + Extras

    I No longer need any of these since I sold off most of my consoles. Not all adapters come with boxes. 4 Mega Drive Cases $10 Brook PS2 to PS3/PS4 Adapter X4 $25 Brook Wingman Converter USB Controller to Saturn/Dreamcast $30 X2 *Sold* Brook PS3/PS4 to Mega Drive/Pce Engine Adapter $30 X2...
  5. RAZO

    FS: JP AES Games

    SamSho III $120 SamSho $55 *Sold Samsho II $55 *Sold* Art of Fighting $75 *Sold* Art of Fighting II $70 *Sold*
  6. RAZO

    FS: Hori Neo Stick II Modded *Sold*

    Pretty sure it's all Sanwa but I can be wrong. Possibly seimitsu. $175 > $150 *Sold*
  7. RAZO

    FS: Boxed Sega Genesis w/ V1 Everdrive *Sold*

    $185 *Sold*
  8. RAZO

    FS: Xbox 360 E 250gb

    Works fine. Includes what you see in the picture. $70 + Shipping
  9. RAZO

    FS: Boxed Modded Japan Neo Geo Aes

    Asking $550 Shipped. *Sold* Mods include component, stereo, composite, s-video. Unibios, Yellow Led Light, I also believe a rgb bypass was done for better rgb video quality. Yes, the rgb port still works. James did all the mods. Got tired of removing the rubber feet every time the console...
  10. RAZO

    FS: Playstation 4 Slim 1tb

    In excellent shape. I will do factory reset on console. $190 Shipped. *Sold*
  11. RAZO

    FS: White Slim PS3 500gb

    Very nice slim design. Works great, comes with 2 controllers but both are a bit wanky. One controller has buttons that sometimes stick and other controller randomly registers the down button. It goes away eventually but just a heads up. Also a few of the rubber feet are missing on the...
  12. RAZO

    FS: Bandridge Manual Scart Switch and Scart to Component Adapter

    I will include a Male to Male Scart Cable with each Bandridge Switch. Both Switches working fine no issues. $55 Shipped each RGB Scart to Component adapter. Both are working fine. I will include 12v psu with each one. $30 Shipped each
  13. RAZO

    FS: Leftover stuff I no longer need

    *Sold* I have some left over stuff I no longer need. Asking $150 Shipped for everything. Considering how much I paid for some of these items individually, I think it's fair. If I'm off, you could send me a offer. Items Included are Retrotink2X Scart to HDMI Lions MVS Slot Cover 5 x...
  14. RAZO

    FS: NeoSd Pro Aes

    $615 Shipped *Sold* Payment: Venmo, Cash App, Zelle
  15. RAZO

    FS: Random Stuff Cables, Chargers, JP21 Scart Cables, etc

    I've been holding on to this stuff forever. Pretty much left overs from purchases I've made over the years. I haven't rocked composite, or s-video in a very long time, Some of this stuff might be useful to people here. There is a assortment of stuff in this lot. Genny and Neo-Geo Composite...
  16. RAZO

    FS: PS2's W/ Hard Drives

    All ps2's are in working condition. Assume that they don't either read discs or read discs poorly on last legs. I could test for you if you like. I show 3 in the picture but pretty sure I have two more stashed away. I only have two free mcboot cards but if I find more I'll include them with...
  17. RAZO

    FS: XRGB-2 *Not Plus*

    Box has wear. Everything else is minty. $165>$145 Shipped *Sold*
  18. RAZO

    FS: XRGB-2 Plus

    Minty Condition. Box has wear, Comes with extras. $165 Shipped *Sold*
  19. RAZO

    FS: Darksoft CPS2 Multi

    This is my last one $700 + Shipping *Sold* A + B board.
  20. RAZO

    FS: MVS 2 Slot Mobo with Custom NTM mini Memory Card

    Both slots work great. Comes with memory card and uni-bios. $225 Shipped. *Sold*