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  1. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    I don’t think it’s the board, I tried my 2- slot on it and it did the same thing but when I install into my LCD converted Cab I have no issues. wondering if am better off finding a good shop to have them check out the chassis board.
  2. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    Yes. On the back side of the plug connected to the PCB while turned ON. Top side number 3 and 4 spot.
  3. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    I was doing research and decided to check the 5V power at the PCB connector plug and was reading at 6.1X! I went ahead and started to adjust the power level and it immediately dropped to 0.62V. I didn’t hear no sound. Wasn’t sure what happened since I didn’t get to turn it and just gave it some...
  4. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    Here’s where the screen starts shrinking and glitching then gets normal for a second or so and does it again. It does it multiple times till the scene changes.
  5. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    Here’s a pic of the chassis.
  6. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    Definitely. Am go to look into buying some plastic TV tube tools. In the meantime am going to see if I can upload some pics that way I can get better help.
  7. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    It’s been a while since I posted and forgot how to upload pics and videos, I did upload on Facebook but not sure if I can post a link here. Am trying to learn how to troubleshoot myself if possible but not sure what exactly to check or what numbers I should be getting. Am going off the number...
  8. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    Hey guys, I picked up a converted Cab with a 4-slot MVS that had been stored for a bit. The chassis says 25” RCA KTMF 2641M. When I plugged it in image was bad and would only read 1st slot and none of the other 3. Gave the carts a decent clean along with the MVS. Image look way better and able...
  9. Gonzo

    4th of July Last Blade Raffle

    Pretty cool raffle on an Awsome day!����
  10. Gonzo

    FS: TurboGrafx 16 games

    Pm sent.
  11. Gonzo

    Thoughts on going from CRT to LCD in a cab

    I installed a Samsung computer LCD monitor along with a two slot Mvs that I had laying around in cheap Cab that I picked up. I spent less than $50 for everything. Good enough for my kids and I to have some Metal Slug fun. If I find a cheap CRT I'll install it but for the time being ill survive!
  12. Gonzo

    Why do you like NEO GEO so much?

    I just do OK! :lolz:....... It's just fun like playing our Slot Car Track with my kids.
  13. Gonzo

    FS: CPS2, Xbox 360J, Gamecube, MVS, PSP

    Might be interested in the 100-1 MVS. If it's still for sale.
  14. Gonzo

    FS Neo Geo Cab Joystick Panel

    Am glad your enjoying your PVM. it's good we manage to get together with our schedules. NERDtendo, am still working on it. *SOLD Neo Geo Control Panel to NERDtendo Sold*
  15. Gonzo

    FS Neo Geo Cab Joystick Panel

  16. Gonzo

    N64 Clayfighters Sculpters Cut. Blockbuster exclusive rare.

    Come for the Drama, Stay for the Porn! :-J
  17. Gonzo

    FS Neo Geo Cab Joystick Panel

    Am not exactly sure what model cab it came from but it measures 23 3/4" wide. It's a bit more narrow than my other cab. At one point I was thinking of enclosing it and making a home dual controller.
  18. Gonzo

    FS Neo Geo Cab Joystick Panel

    Well I decided to sell my Joystick controller. I was holding on in case I found another empty cab but I guess it's time to move on. I haven't tested it but it looks good and complete. How's $60 or OBO. Am flexible on the price just PM, worst thing I can say is no. As of now I prefer a local pick...
  19. Gonzo

    FS: SCART > BNC/RCA cables, DIY Kits, Female SCART Plugs

    Got my cable this weekend. Works awesome, thanks.
  20. Gonzo

    What console would you recommend next to a NeoGeo?

    If your looking for something unique and special, why not go for a Sharp X68000. Good games with some nice Arcade ports. Looks pretty sexy too! 😘