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  1. max 330 mega

    HBD Ilazul!

    Once upon a time, there was a community of smart, enigmatic people on this site. They caught wind of a raucous gathering held by actual competitive gamers and showed up. Both crews decided to throw down and then get down after Wasabi and Lonesage cried while hand over hand clasping the same...
  2. max 330 mega

    WTB: 3 pairs of JNCO jeans

    Now that the forum's top authority on console cleaning has shown me the error of my ways, I need to source at least 3 pairs of JNCO jeans so i can fill the pockets with ngpc, gameboys, and gamegears and send them through max spin cycle in a washing machine. Willing to offer extra cash for the...
  3. max 330 mega

    Wtb: any crappy gba console

    As long as it works, it can be encrusted with dog crap with a broken screen for all i care. I seem to have misplaced an old ratty gba console that i had planned to mod and give to a close friend for his bday, and now i really really need another one to get this mod done (already purchased new...
  4. max 330 mega

    Happy bizzledizzay Majors!

    I am currently drinkin 1 or 9 just for you homie. See you sometime this year i hope! Happy birthday!!!!
  5. max 330 mega


    At least one of you better do something you will regret!!
  6. max 330 mega

    IPS modded ngpc consoles FS!

    Ive been making these for local friends and collectors, and am now finally getting caught up so i can begin offering some of these up for forum members. IPS modded ngpc consoles, wired for the OSD controls via button combos and also with a brightness adjust touchpad on top right of the console...
  7. max 330 mega

    Happy birthday Digmac!

    Hope it's a good one homie :D
  8. max 330 mega

    FT/FS: recapped MODE skeleton saturn

    To start, all the capacitors in the power supply and on the motherboard have been replaced with high temp Nichicon caps. Terra Onion MODE, Laser Bear SD card mounting tray, and mobius strip technologies ext 5V adapter board have been installed. It's got a brand new Western Digital Blue 1 TB SSD...
  9. max 330 mega

    1st rev neo aes will not read prg games

    As stated, big bear and i have been trying to figure out what has gone wrong with my AES, as it now refuses to read my copy of SVC chaos. Things that have been done: -Tested all of my other lower meg games, they all work. -Sent SVC chaos to big bear to test, game works just fine in his...
  10. max 330 mega

    FS: Sega Saturn Satiator

    I have decided to go a different route. Used for less than a week. Theyre currently sold out, so figured someone might be looking for one. $250 plus shipping, i can get it shipped out this Thursday or Friday. Thanks!
  11. max 330 mega

    WTB: saturn 4mb cart

    Anyone have an extra one of these sitting around? Satiator is acting a fool with AR carts even though the creator would have you believe otherwise. Hook yo boi up!
  12. max 330 mega

    any of you guys playing Dreamcast online?

    worth asking, i guess. Any dream pi users logging on and throwing down on some dreamcast games currently?
  13. max 330 mega

    WTB kof 98 JP AES complete

    Just figured I'd ask here before heading to ebay. Don't really care so much if it has the registration card but would like it to have both manuals. Thanks!
  14. max 330 mega

    Pc engine ssds 3 setup FS

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Pc engine gamers condition scuffs all up on it and shit, 2 controllers, 5p multitap, new premium retrogamecave PSU, and av cables. 2 hucards, soccer and tennis. Avenue 6 pad nos, still has protective sticker on controller Super SD system 3 w/128 gb card Rgb upgrade board from...
  15. max 330 mega

    Happy birthday Sega Saturn!

    The saturn turns 25 today. Holy shit I feel old. Happy bday to one of the greatest consoles of all time and the one that got me into collecting when I was a kid. Still remember the day I traded in a fuck load of old games to eb games to buy my first import and coming home and being in absolute...
  16. max 330 mega

    Alien aesthetics

    So pretty random beer fueled thought. I recently picked up the GI Joe animated movie from the late 80's, and can't help but notice that a lot of the Cobrala kingdom buildings look so much like the alien structures, and honestly the aliens as well, in Cyber-lip. Where did this aesthetic style...
  17. max 330 mega

    Wtb: Sega st-v mobo

    Just wondering if anybody has one for sale before I resort to ebay. What's up? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  18. max 330 mega

    WTT: rare MVS for some arcade stuff

    this damn Neo SD works so well that im finally reaching the point of being comfortable with letting go of some of my most prized MVS stuff, if i can make some good trades happen. so heres what i got: loose MVS: breakers revenge cyber-lip garou motw money idol exchanger twinkle star sprites...
  19. max 330 mega

    AWSD cab for sale in VA.

    this is a rushed and lazy post. i apologize in advance. the details are as follows: 2 NOS chassis (cost me $500 plus shipping from australia,) 1 working, 1 with horizontal non-linearity issues right out of the box. 2 other chassis, 1 working, 1 dead. 2 player panel with loc test artwork screened...
  20. max 330 mega

    White ps vita PCH 1001 OLED bundle for sale!

    my coworker is after a 3DS XL to play the new pokemon. In order to get this, he has given me his Vita collection to sell. Everything is in very good condition as shown in the pics. contents of the lot include: asking $200 shipped for everything. I will handle the packaging and shipping of the...