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  1. c0nn0r

    Happy birthday ROT

    Happy birthday homoe, I mean homie
  2. c0nn0r

    Taito Stools

    Tops Tops?
  3. c0nn0r

    Shadow Dancer Bootleg - Expectations?

    I just bought my first bootleg PCB. Had to go this route for Shadow Dancer and a legit unit is like $600. Got this boot for 65 Euros, so even if it sucks I can salvage the EPROMS for another project. I've never had a boot before. Anyone here have experiences with bootlegs and specifically a...
  4. c0nn0r

    Which cab is better/preferred?

    I prefer the Astro or Aero simply because they fit into the decor of a home a bit more (which is where I’m playing it) - they don’t look like casino machines like the blast does. My grail however is the Aero Table!
  5. c0nn0r

    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    c0nn0r - 555,300 - 2 minute - SuperGrafx
  6. c0nn0r

    Cruis'n Blast™ (Switch)

    It exists. By HORI no less.
  7. c0nn0r

    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    Please share pics! Is this unit from the recent fan build that was super high quality? Would love to see the setup!
  8. c0nn0r

    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    What's that setup? You have a MiSTer hooked up to a supergun?
  9. c0nn0r

    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    Just wanted to say that as a father with a toddler, and another shortly on the way - having a Caravan Shooter this month is very very awesome, as my time is very limited, and dwindling by the day. Thankful for my original childhood Turbo Express too. I can tuck my kid in, lay down next to them...
  10. c0nn0r

    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    c0nn0r - 456,400 - 2 minute game - Turbo Express
  11. c0nn0r

    SOTM September 2021: Soldier Blade

    c0nn0r - 363,500 - 2 minute game - Turbo Express
  12. c0nn0r

    SOTM September Vote: Caravan!

    Wow - never heard of Blade Buster before. Looks awesome! Wish I knew that before I voted for Soldier Blade
  13. c0nn0r

    Why did Michael Jackson cease work on the Sonic 3 soundtrack?

    I don't believe that Michael was disappointed with how his music was translated to Genesis. He consistently used FM synth in his compositions, so I'm certain he was familiar with it's sound and limitations. Dude had his own arcade with lots of FM synth games - and if you look into his style of...
  14. c0nn0r

    Taito Stools

    Image for example purpose only - pointing out that these are not genuine TAITO proves you are a beard Thinking about those stools got me all hng… What’s the preferred method to buy these? Direct from TAITO? Group buy? I will be pairing these with an Astro… What’s the preferred height- 43”? I...
  15. c0nn0r

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    I conflate Arcade 1Ups with McDonald's burgers. Sure, they are burgers, but they are a far cry from a real, hand-formed BBQ burger. I read many years ago a criticism of McDonald's burgers. It said that the consumer has a desire for a burger. In their heads they are dreaming of a real burger...
  16. c0nn0r

    Battle Garegga OST, ripped from PCB in WAV

    Incredible soundtrack for probably the best shooter on the planet. If you have not already, check out the Saturn port. Excellent all the way, and with the new choice of the orchestrated version of the OST... Chef's kiss. This is one of my most anticipated releases for MiSTer. Now I want to...
  17. c0nn0r

    SotM 2021 Monthly Host, List of Previous Games, Shmup Discussion

    Paging wataru330 wataru330 you are wanted in the May SOTM voting thread. ;-)
  18. c0nn0r

    Samurai Shodown (Spirit) RPG translation (French to English)

    He sounds like a _edit_ person _edit_. Probably wishes he never even ffffoooouuunnndd this website.
  19. c0nn0r

    "Sleeper" Arcade Titles

    This looks pretty cool. Looks like an update to the old Ant Eater arcade game from the 80's The art style reminds me of Neo Mr. Do