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  1. wyndcrosser

    Chrome notification that this site database was leaked

    Anyone else get a notification from Chrome that it identified that this site had pws leaked and that you should change it. It was a legitimate Chrome notification, I double checked it. I didn't see a thread anywhere about this and I haven't been on in awhile. W
  2. wyndcrosser

    eek's small collection

    Windjammers, bootleg? nice Sony PVM.
  3. wyndcrosser

    AES home cart sale.

    good luck with the sale.
  4. wyndcrosser

    Ogre Battle Gaiden English Translation

    I started translating this, but It needs a lot of pointer modification. I hope they do the story.
  5. wyndcrosser

    FS: MV-1C NeoBiosMasta VMC

    I bought this from Brian, but we realized too late that it won't work for my Omega, I failed to mention that to him. I have a legacy VMC that needs that secondary wire to be run, so I'll have to use that instead. Anyone interested? US only. Need some feedback. $40 shipped, you basically save...
  6. wyndcrosser

    What Beat 'em Ups are you playing? Daily/Weekly check

    The NECA action figures for the Alien vs Predator series from Capcom got me back into playing that. A Site had them for sale when I was looking for the roms again. I have the physical PCB, but I've been playing it in my multicab as I like the octagonal controllers I have on them. Has anyone...
  7. wyndcrosser

    Let’s talk NGPC in 2018!

    I'm waiting for the BENNVENN protos to be done, so he can start making more units. the backlit looks amazing, plus it's cheaper than the Etsy guy.
  8. wyndcrosser

    Anybody watch Chernobyl?

    It's a solid show, I have to download it, but it's worth it. Living during this time, the whole event once know was very concerning and we didn't have cable or the internet... Twocents: I do wish there was more russian + subtitles. I find subtitles annoying a lot of the time, but in...
  9. wyndcrosser

    NGPC - Gals Fighters

    Fatcat has been killing me on that $350 GBP price for Gals Fighters on eBay and his store. I only have about 5 titles left I needed for my complete UK collection. I should have jumped when it was $100GBP.
  10. wyndcrosser

    Sengoku 2 (EU/US)

    Do you play it? Yes - Keep, No - Sell Sengoku 2 goes for well over $250, it used to be about $150 for a poor copy.
  11. wyndcrosser

    Magicial Drop - Are they balls, balloons or drops

    I'll take this all into account, thanks.
  12. wyndcrosser

    Magicial Drop - Are they balls, balloons or drops

    My question is, what is the correct term? The circles you hit in Magical Drop, are these concerned balls, balloons or drops. Flyers in English for MD2 say balloons, while MD3 flyers say drop, though the manual translation for MD3 says Ball. Anyone have any advice? I'm working on translating...
  13. wyndcrosser

    Dem romz is gone - emuparadise scrubbed the goodies

    Try to explain how to use IRC to a bunch of retards, it's impossible lol. But yes xdcc and dcc++ was good and it's where I get my movies still
  14. wyndcrosser

    Got Scammed, Need help piecing together a 4 slot MVS

    You can also use another type of monitor using the various adapters on any arcade site for lcd monitors. Still interested in keeping it or selling?
  15. wyndcrosser

    Erhgiez's Collection

    My Vogatek is one of the few arcade pieces I kept after the purge, definitely useful for testing hardware/boards back in the day.
  16. wyndcrosser

    Erhgiez's Collection

    fuck, I thought you had a collection of Erhgiez shit. I had that game and guide for PS1.
  17. wyndcrosser

    Neo Geo Japanese to English AES Manuals - Downloads

    I just assumed it would end up here anyway lol.
  18. wyndcrosser

    Neo Geo Japanese to English AES Manuals - Downloads

    I'm not on much anymore and most of my neo stuff is sold or going to be sold. I really like manual art and understanding more about how to play the game, it's quite sad now that games don't include them anymore. I hope some of you find a use for it. Some of them are just in scanned order while...
  19. wyndcrosser

    Think my PSP is bricked, any help?

    I have a Pandora kit still, I can assist probably. I'm in Southeastern Michigan