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  1. RAZO

    Happy Birthday Syn

    Hbd bro
  2. RAZO

    Happy birthday ROT

    Happy bday Rotty my boy.
  3. RAZO

    When is a man in his physical prime?

    I was reading my old reply lol. I bumped up the age a little but I'm more or less sticking with a similar response. Damn, I was 29 years old when I posted that. About to be 39 in February. Time flies Sage.
  4. RAZO

    When is a man in his physical prime?

    This is classic but goodie Sage. I would say between the age of 25-35. For athletes its a combination of physical performance and experience. After 40 and I don't care what kind of shape you're in, your body will break down sooner or later. Old injuries will eventually resurface. You will...
  5. RAZO

    SOLD: GTX 1080 Founders 8gb

    Damn, if I hadn't been on a evga wait list for a 3060ti for almost a year I would be all over that 1080.
  6. RAZO

    SOTN port for the Megadrive

    Looks like someone is trying to port SOTN to the Megadrive. I would have preferred Rondo but still kind of cool with the progress being made.
  7. RAZO

    'China restricts minors to playing just 3 hours of online video games a week starting September 1'

    My parents restricted me when I was a kid as well, but that was my parents, not the goverment. Kind of glad they did though. This doesn’t surprise me coming from China.
  8. RAZO

    Happy Birthday Craig

    Happy Birthday you Stupid Bitch.
  9. RAZO

    Hurricane Ida

    Man, that sucks. Stay safe guys.
  10. RAZO

    WTS: SEGA WONDERMEGA - 600USD + Shipping from Japan

    Nice console, a gem indeed but how does it have the best video output if it doesn't do RGB.
  11. RAZO

    Would you buy one of Stealthlurker's cabs for $2000-$4000 EACH???

    I could agree with this. I didn't know Stealth personally but did bullshit with him on this forum and he seemed like the kind of guy who got more a kick out of collecting vs actually playing/fiddling/fixing his stuff. It was more like eye candy to him. I remember asking him about all the...
  12. RAZO

    WTB OR WTT : Ninja Commando MVS

    Check Yaj, I'm pretty sure you could find one for $180-190
  13. RAZO

    Would you buy one of Stealthlurker's cabs for $2000-$4000 EACH???

    I don't see why not. Knowing Stealth, he probably kept them really clean and fixed whatever needed to be fixed.
  14. RAZO

    Happy Birthday neo_moe

    Hbd Moe
  15. RAZO

    FS: NTF Memory Card, Controllers, Extension Cables, Video Cables *Sold*

    *Sold* Got another small bundle of stuff I no longer have any use for. Asking $80>$65>$50 Shipped 1. NTF Memory Card. The bank switch is broken. You could use something small like a needle to move it left and right. 2. Ps1 Controller 3. 2 Sega Genesis 6 button controllers 4. 1 Retrobit...
  16. RAZO

    Are MAS Systems arcade sticks worth $90?

    This is a old thread but I will state the obvious. They are good sticks and built like tanks but I wouldn't spend the money they are going for now in days. You could get something custom with a brook universal installed with quality Japanese parts for about the same. They are a nostalgic trip...
  17. RAZO

    Moving Is Going To Be Insane.

    Anyways, I agree with selling some stuff if not most of it. It's nice to have that freedom and also piece of mind of not owning a ton of shit. I didn't feel this way in my early 20's but being close to 40 now I realize its just valuable plastic lying around. That being said, don't throw it...