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    Palette RAM Bank 0 error

    Hi, I have some trouble on a MV2-01 slot (I think mainly from a bad trace, because it came gradually and flex the board could solve the issue before) when I perform the Palette RAM test the result is Adress 400020 actual 0002 ("indirect" D1 stuck high) expected 0000 I'm sure the problem does...
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    RGB boards PC engine

    Hello, for those who want use the PC Engine on Peritel/Scart connector (I use it also on my projector with H and V sync so it would be possible that some VGA screen will accept it), I propose a RGB board. The price is 20€ (with 2 adhesive holders), without shipping. image comparison: composite...
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    RTC problem on MVS

    Hi, I have a uncommon problem with this function. Quartz 32,768 Khz is ok, 4990 also, I test with another one chip. I swapped also the NEO-F0, the problem is similar. when I access to the RTC screen with Diagnostioc bios there is a random reset which occurs (most quickly with higher frequency...
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    PRO-C0 wiki uncomplete pinout

    Hi, I traced remaining pins on the PRO-C0 I'm not able to update the wiki as I didn't got reply to my subscription request, so here the pinout if someone can complete: 2: /PORTWEU 3: ROMOEU 4: /WRU 5: /PORTOEU 6: BRAMWEU 7: SROMOEU 8: /BWU 9: /WWL 10: /PORTWEL 11: ROMOEL 12: /WRL 13: /PORTOEL...
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    Self Test issue

    Hi, with the color bars test, the blue color is green but all is fine in game, SFIX ROM is ok. Any idea ?
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    SM1 looks unresponsive

    Hi, I have a Z80 error with smk diagnostic rom with this message: "SM1 looks unresponsive". I changed the YM2610, the Z80, the MVS onboard SM1 Rom, there is no broken traces. I have the Z80 error with the original MVS Eprom too. It remain as easy change, the SRAM 6116, do you know if this chip...
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    WTB CHA Board MVS or cheaper MVS game

    I want my Z80 diagnostic board. Europe seller preferred. :multi_co:
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    MV2-01 COD fix.

    Hi, I have a MVS slot which had previously some click of death. I follow many traces to make me a matrix file of different links between components (and some had not a lot of information like PRO-C0) I succeed in solving the issue of COD after wiring around +10s broken traces and changed 4 RAM...