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  1. Gonzo

    KTMF Chassis monitor issue

    Hey guys, I picked up a converted Cab with a 4-slot MVS that had been stored for a bit. The chassis says 25” RCA KTMF 2641M. When I plugged it in image was bad and would only read 1st slot and none of the other 3. Gave the carts a decent clean along with the MVS. Image look way better and able...
  2. Gonzo

    FS Neo Geo Cab Joystick Panel

    Well I decided to sell my Joystick controller. I was holding on in case I found another empty cab but I guess it's time to move on. I haven't tested it but it looks good and complete. How's $60 or OBO. Am flexible on the price just PM, worst thing I can say is no. As of now I prefer a local pick...
  3. Gonzo

    Sega 500 in 1 Cart?

    i went shopping for games at a local Thrift Store and found this cart at the bottom of a pile. it looks like a Mega Drive cartridge but not 100% sure. it looks like some SNK fighting games on the label. i looked around the web a bit but couldn't find anything. you can see in the bottom part of...
  4. Gonzo

    Non Scart RGB to PVM Monitor

    I currently own two Sony PVM's, a Genesis 1 and PS1. Am also looking at getting a Saturn and if the price is right, a MV-1 for home use (already have a cab) and go full RGB. My question is, is anybody running there console's direct to there PVM Monitors and bypassing the Scart cable? Like...