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  1. DaisyAge

    PS1 Steering Wheel Modification

    Now that I got some free time I'm finally getting around to trying to convert a shitty elastic band steering wheel into something a little nicer. Why? Because I fucking can I guess. Redesigned the original part to incorporate a hole to push the spring through. I'll know in an hour or so if this...
  2. DaisyAge

    Playing around with my new 3D printer

    So I've been printing some things off but mostly just upgrades or benchmarks for testing. This is my first "nice" print. I wanted something with lots of little details to get an idea of what needs to be tuned and I couldn't think of anything better than SV-001
  3. DaisyAge

    WTB: PC Engine Multitap

    Looking for a PC Engine multitap, can't be the Duo Tap or Turbo Tap as the connectors don't fit and I don't want to get adapters for all my controllers. Thanks!
  4. DaisyAge

    WTB MV1C

    Looking for another MV1C board, wanted to see if I could get one here before going out to eGay or Ali-give-you-the-wrong-fucking-board-express. Hit me with a price!
  5. DaisyAge

    Malwarebytes Premium detects this site as a Trojan

    As the title states, when I upgraded to premium the live web protection stopped me from accessing the website saying it was a trojan. I don't know if this due to the age of the site or not being HTTPS but I thought I'd at least let people know so the mods can do something about it. Fix is easy...
  6. DaisyAge

    Trinitron PVM LCD Overlay

    I designed this 3D model to attach over an LCD TV I'm using in my game room as a spectator screen of my cab. I wanted my friends to be able to sit back and drink while someone else played while still being able to see what was going on. However, the TV doesn't match the aesthetic of a...
  7. DaisyAge

    ISO someone to help calibrate my trinitron

    I have a large flat-screen trinitron (can't remember the model offhand) that has some convergence and linearity issues. I'm reaching out to see if there is someone in Oregon relatively close to pdx that has experience with this and yoke adjustments. I'm also interested in doing a recap and can...
  8. DaisyAge

    SOLD 2 Sega Saturn Phantom Modchips

    I have 2 Phantom modchips that I no longer need. One of them is missing a flex cable but that's it. one for 10 or both for 15, plus shipping (I always find the cheapest but safest way to ship) Don't want to ship internationally but will if needed. SOLD to Mehunglo
  9. DaisyAge

    Looking for someone to service my CRT

    Title says it all really. I can't find a shop that will service these old tv's anymore but I don't feel comfortable doing it. Looking for someone in Oregon, preferably close to Portland or Salem. Just some geometry issues and a little bit of convergence work needed. Any suggestions would be great!
  10. DaisyAge

    Colecovision and RF consoles not displaying properly (solved)

    Today my daughter decided she wanted to play with my Colecovision racing wheel so I went to get it set up. To my surprise I was greeted with a really snowy picture and then as the game level screen comes up the video cuts in and out quickly. I tested the console on my HDTV and it was fine so now...
  11. DaisyAge

    Sony Trinitron KV-32FS100 Geometry Issue

    I recently picked up a 32FS100 from craigslist. Everything looked great but when I pulled up the NeoGeo hardware test I noticed the geometry gets real wonky on the corners (typical flatscreen CRT) and especially on the right. Also when I turned the vertical blanking to 1 from the service menu I...
  12. DaisyAge

    Consolized Neo Geo Controller and Encoder Enclosure

    So about 6 months ago I was attempting to fix and consolize an MV1B mobo that I ultimately ended up shipping to a member for a different project all together. While I was working on it I decided I wanted an enclosure for the controller ports since that board is so damn small. After many failed...
  13. DaisyAge

    SOLD: Dreamcast VGA box

    I have a spare Dreamcast Vga box with svideo and composite out for Tvs. Looking to get $30, US shipping on me. EDIT: lowered the price
  14. DaisyAge

    WTB Shock Troopers MVS

    Preferably the B version of the game Explanation by BBH:
  15. DaisyAge

    Trying to find Mv1B Board connectors

    I'm looking for the type of connectors used to hold the cartridge slot to the main board. I'm trying to make a 1B into a 1C. Why? I don't know I have a lot of spare time I guess. I know it's possible because I see units like this sold on AliExpress. Any help would be cool :cool:
  16. DaisyAge

    Player 2 right input not working

    I've tested both ports with 2 AES controllers and they check out fine so I know it is limited to the second player port. I reflowed the pin on the controller port and on the pcb and checked continuity and it came thru fine. Went to hardware test and still no input. Where should I start looking...
  17. DaisyAge

    WTB working MVS board

    I'm just looking for a working 1 slot MVS board. Anything is acceptable if the price is right. Personal favorite is the MV1FZ or MV1B but beggars can't be choosers! I'm trying to get my hands on this board before I move so that I don't have to resort to ebay
  18. DaisyAge

    Reliable source for working MVS boards

    I'm looking for any 1 slot mvs board. I've purchased 3 "working" ones from ebay only to have all of them have different issues beyond my scope of repair. I will be leaving the country soon and I would like to get this board before then. I am open to anything (ebay, aliexpress, members) as long...
  19. DaisyAge

    Neo Geo bad video (green)

    I've consolized another neo geo and I get a lot of green. The crosshatch and gameplay are all green when using component from a jrok rgb encoder. I've replaced DAC resistors, the LS273's and still no good. In fact, at one point it was worse and lost the blue border on the crosshatch screen all...