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  1. c0nn0r

    Shadow Dancer Bootleg - Expectations?

    I just bought my first bootleg PCB. Had to go this route for Shadow Dancer and a legit unit is like $600. Got this boot for 65 Euros, so even if it sucks I can salvage the EPROMS for another project. I've never had a boot before. Anyone here have experiences with bootlegs and specifically a...
  2. c0nn0r

    Taito Stools

    Image for example purpose only - pointing out that these are not genuine TAITO proves you are a beard Thinking about those stools got me all hng… What’s the preferred method to buy these? Direct from TAITO? Group buy? I will be pairing these with an Astro… What’s the preferred height- 43”? I...
  3. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2020: Zero Wing

    Arcade/MAME - Default DIP settings US Name - Score - Stage - Version - Auto 1. Chosen One - 778,810 - 7-20 - US PCB - Auto On 2. 3. 4. 5. Arcade/MAME - Default DIP settings JP Name - Score - Stage - Version - Auto 1. ShootTheCore - 476,370 - 5-18 - JP PCB - Auto On 2. NERDtendo - 45,750 -...
  4. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2020 Voting Thread

    Three choices this month that we have never played for SOTM before. Tried to get an interesting mix to choose from. Aldynes by Hudson Soft (SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx-16 Mini, CoreGrafx Mini, PC Engine Mini, PSN) Chariot (Three Wonders) by Capcom (Arcade (MiSTer support), Saturn, PlayStation)...
  5. c0nn0r

    WTB: Just snagged an SSDS3 - Looking for SuperGrafx!

    As the title says gentlemen. I'm going whole-hog on this NEC setup. Probably my last real console purchase before I dip my balls in MiSTer. Wait, does that make me ghey? Looking for an unmodded SuperGrafx in decent condition. fuck - posted this in the wrong forum....
  6. c0nn0r

    SOTM November: M.U.S.H.A.

    :glee: I realize This game is broken, but I've never had the chance to break it personally. Looking forward to it! Name | Score | Level | Version | Display -3. Kidpanda | 134,250,470 | All | ? | CRT -2. Dogg | 134,215,670 | All | Genesis | CRT -1. Chosen One | 133,525,800 | All | Genesis |...
  7. c0nn0r

    SOTM November Poll

    Hey guys, I've tried to pick some games that we've not played in a long time (using this list of past SOTM from Neodogg). I'd be pretty excited to play any of these as I've not spent much time with any of them. Darius 2: Arcade, Genesis/MegaDrive, Saturn, PC Engine CD, PS2, Master System...
  8. c0nn0r

    Fixing Moonwalker Issues

    Hey gang, I have a desuicided Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker PCB here that I bought as non-working, and am making the attempt to fix this bad-boy myself. There are three separate issues: (1) Missing foreground sprites (bad IC-17 - Sony CXK5814 chip) (2) PCM audio from the rebranded Ricoh RF5C68...
  9. c0nn0r

    SNK 40th Anniversary = Shitload of Fuck

    I picked this up for Switch after looking forward to it for a few months. I'm a big Neo Geo fan, as well as a big fan of older games - particularly older arcade games. Aside from the presentation which is nice, and save for a few crashes, and screen-tearing (my first Switch game to crash and...
  10. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2018: Phelios

    Genesis/MD played in Advanced Game Mode (no continues) name / score / stage 1 Gaston - 529,620 - 6 - MD - emu 2 Kidpanda - 524,110 - 6 - MD - Retroarch 3 c0nn0r - 217,280 - 4 - Genesis - Everdrive 4 Neodogg - 85,740 - 2 - Genesis - Everdrive 5 NERDtendo - 68,220 - 2 - Genesis PCB/MAME played...
  11. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2018 Poll

    Choose your game. Test your might.
  12. c0nn0r

    Soon to be first time dad. HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm at that point in my life when I'm just a few months away from becoming a first time Dad. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, and I'm hoping that some experienced Dads here can offer some tips, insights, stories and etc. Everyone keeps telling me how my life is over, and...
  13. c0nn0r

    Mounting PCBs on wood

    Hey guys, most of my PCBs are bare, but I do have a few that are mounted on wooden boards. Although they take up more room, I feel a bit better handling them and knowing they will be relatively protected in and out of the cabinet. What is your process for mounting? Best Practice? Supplier of...
  14. c0nn0r

    SEGA Saturn Steering Wheel

    Hey guys, I'm interested in picking up a SEGA Saturn Steering Wheel, particularly the HSS-0141 white model from Japan. I see a bunch on ebay, in box for decent price. Never having used one of these before I'd like to find out folks' opinion on it. The good, and the bad. I've used similar...
  15. c0nn0r

    Separated at Birth?

    Original Neo Geo guy, and the Sisters from "Kubo and the Two Strings" movie. Is there some broader Japanese style that this is referencing?
  16. c0nn0r

    SOTM November: Galaga '88

    Shooter of the Month for November is the great Galaga '88, also known as Galaga '90 on PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16, and Galaga '91 on Game Gear. I'll be playing via Namco Museum on Nintendo Switch. Rules: For Galaga '88 (Arcade, MAME, Namco Museum) Default settings. Rapid-fire allowed...
  17. c0nn0r

    SOTM November Vote Thread

    Plenty of time to vote on November's Shooter of the Month. Here are your choices: Zed Blade (Neo Geo, Virtual Consoles, MAME) Galaga '88/'90 (Arcade, PC Engine/TG-16, Game Gear, X68000, Namco Museum available on many systems (Switch!), MAME) STRIKERS 1945 (Arcade, Saturn, Playstation...
  18. c0nn0r

    Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017

  19. c0nn0r

    PVM 20L5 for sale
  20. c0nn0r

    2-player coin-up on Candy Cab

    Many North American arcade games have a separate coin-mech for each player. Oftentimes, when player one inserts a coin, the credit goes to player one, and similar for player two, in that their coin gets allocated to player 2. eg. Neo Geo. With some candy cabinets coming with only one coin-mech...