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  1. wyndcrosser

    Chrome notification that this site database was leaked

    Anyone else get a notification from Chrome that it identified that this site had pws leaked and that you should change it. It was a legitimate Chrome notification, I double checked it. I didn't see a thread anywhere about this and I haven't been on in awhile. W
  2. wyndcrosser

    FS: MV-1C NeoBiosMasta VMC

    I bought this from Brian, but we realized too late that it won't work for my Omega, I failed to mention that to him. I have a legacy VMC that needs that secondary wire to be run, so I'll have to use that instead. Anyone interested? US only. Need some feedback. $40 shipped, you basically save...
  3. wyndcrosser

    Magicial Drop - Are they balls, balloons or drops

    My question is, what is the correct term? The circles you hit in Magical Drop, are these concerned balls, balloons or drops. Flyers in English for MD2 say balloons, while MD3 flyers say drop, though the manual translation for MD3 says Ball. Anyone have any advice? I'm working on translating...
  4. wyndcrosser

    Neo Geo Japanese to English AES Manuals - Downloads

    I'm not on much anymore and most of my neo stuff is sold or going to be sold. I really like manual art and understanding more about how to play the game, it's quite sad now that games don't include them anymore. I hope some of you find a use for it. Some of them are just in scanned order while...
  5. wyndcrosser

    FS: MVS lots

    Prices are up for discussion of course. I might break up groups if you buy more than one game between lots. Anyone interested? Lot 1: $110 2020 Super Baseball SpinMaster* Lot 2: $ 135 Top Hunter* King of Monsters KOF 94 Lot 3: $135 KOF96 - I can do a replacement label eng/jap Rage of Dragons...
  6. wyndcrosser

    FS: NES console with extras

    I have an AVS now, but some people like the original console. Anyone interested? NES console Installed with Blinking Light Wins (from Kickstarter) Akklaim wireless controllers with receiver Official PSU Unofficial Audio cables I'm thinking $90 +10 for shipping. Too high? Send me a price. Oh,I...
  7. wyndcrosser

    Fast Striker AES pre-orders starting March 7th 2018

    Our favorite people are supposedly releasing a second run of Fast Striker next week for pre-order. I did get my gunlord last time, but it would help if they got kraut released, I'm glad I didn't jump on that. Just a FYI. Update. Started March 7th...
  8. wyndcrosser

    Raffle: English Ironclad manual *Ended* Winner contact me

    I no longer have time for Neo Geo, but I wanted to provide this to the members here. I have 5 copies made of the manual, I will raffle off one here. Please just write "I'm in" on a post and I'll add you to the list. I'll use an auto raffle name generator on the 17th and report back with the...
  9. wyndcrosser

    Anyone preorder Battlechasers?

    I'm a Joe Mad fam for awhile now and I saw this game online, I knew I had to pay for it. I still have the original comics somewhere from the 90s. Pre-order ppl received a demo on steam for the game, it plays really well and is fucking beautiful. Anyone pick it up?
  10. wyndcrosser

    FS: MVS Carts

    I want these gone, lots are now broken up. I've also got a few more carts I want to sell, looking to post them soon. I have no use for them anymore. I'd like to sell at least 2 per order, just to help out with shipping and make it a nice bundle, but I want them gone. USA only, unless we talk...
  11. wyndcrosser

    IC: Ironclad AES Manual in English

    I've been attempting to do these manuals for awhile now, but doing the math I could never sell enough to make it worth the time, not lose money and not charge an arm and a leg. Ironclad I believe has the potential to sell more than 10 copies, Zupapa, etc. was going to be a hard sell. I'm going...
  12. wyndcrosser

    Who went down for the Gunlord reprint?

    I played my free copy of Gunlord for about a week before ordering to verify I'd play and like it enough to warrant the purchase. Anyone jump on it or was it just a bunch of scalpers lol. Wynd
  13. wyndcrosser

    FS: Neo Geo AES console w/ mods

    Sold, see my last post. $200 was the sold price. I have an extra AES that has a blue LED mod and a unibios socketed. Any questions let me know. Comes with audio cables, no PSU, but Shawn has them at the neostore. $230 + $17 for shipping with priority USPS shipping. Hate the price? Talk to me...
  14. wyndcrosser

    S-993a desoldering gun! Life saver.

    I've done a lot of recapping in my life, or MVS surgery to fix a Cart or two. But my god my hand is a claw after a few hours of removing components. Googling I wasn't going to spend $250+ on a Hakko, so I needed options and there walked in the S-993a gun. Chinese? Yes. Cheap? Yes. Actually...
  15. wyndcrosser

    WTB: Neo geo AES KOF 99

    Looking for a loose or boxed version for AES, it might be a sin, but this is the one KOF I like. My Omega stopped working suddenly. I may need a new MV-1C (seems mexico and china have a lot lately). Anyone have one? Thanks.
  16. wyndcrosser

    NGPC Translations - a call to arms

    I'm out of the game scene for a while, but I wanted to see if anyone was interested in following up with any of the NGPC titles I started to translate? Some of my personal files do have newer updates than what is on This includes notes, etc. I'd like to see someone or some people...
  17. wyndcrosser

    FS: MVS lots

    Prices are up for discussion of course. I had Edmund say he had to back out, anyonr interested? Lot 1: $110 2020 Super Baseball SpinMaster* Lot 2: $ 135 Top Hunter* King of Monsters KOF 94 Lot 3: $135 KOF96 - I can do a replacement label eng/jap Rage of Dragons - I can do a replacement label...
  18. wyndcrosser

    Cabling issues when repairing Neo Geo Bean Controller

    I identified that the cable was bad and that's why Left wasn't working. i purchased a cable from eBay and did the replacement today. I'm now having issues with.... Up = B B = Up Now you'd like just switch those too, right? Not working, but I realized when conducting continuity on the AES stick...
  19. wyndcrosser

    Anyone pick up the limited run Vita games?

    I picked up a few, I know most are just indie games, but the oddworld stuff just had to be bought. Stranger's wraith is why I bought a Xbox back in the day. I am glad though, bc if the title is shitty, I can at least make my money back on eBay, a lot of ppl collect it.
  20. wyndcrosser

    Anyone here ever play slayers?

    Not the band, but the MMORPG from the early 2000's. It was a freaking sweet game. Very easy and you could level up to huge levels, one player was lv 1000. Weapons, magic, etc. it was pretty good. It came back for about a day or so in 2011. Turn your volume down, it's got an annoying ass buzzing...