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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    A couple of screenshots. :eye: Slot selection menu In-game menu In-game slot change In-game cheats To enable cheats, download this zip file and copy the content to the root directory of the SD card. I'm not using cheats at all. Just to push the console to the limit, enable infinite...
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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    Really cool device. :cool: Got it last week. Everything I played so far works perfect. Thanks a lot for your work! Even the Star Parodier crew already knew, the final device will arrive sometimes in the future. :lolz:
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    FS: AES Games : Andro Dunos, Real Bout 1/2, Samurai Spirits 4 and Sonic Wings 3

    Selling some duplicate AES games. Bank transfer (IBAN) or regular PayPal +4%. Shipping (priority+insured+tracked) is 20 EUR for one cart within europe, 30 EUR for outside of europe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Andro Dunos (EN) 100 EUR (insert...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got a chance to buy a modest AES collection. :)
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    My first MVS purchases with the appropriate adapter. :cool: And some nerdy handheld stuff. :-J
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    Thrash Rally VS Play (AES Link Mode)

    Bought a second Thrash Rally to play it in VS link mode and want to share some pics. The Paris Dakar Rally can be played in 2 player mode. It's great fun. :)
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got my new scanner today, Epson DS-50000 A3 format. What a monster device and sooooo fast. :buttrock: The ultimate goal is to scan my (german) video games magazine collection, in high quality... It will take some time. :snack:
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    Gunlord Snap Cases

    Some more case pics... Compared to Blazing Star (Gunlord is always left)... The temp case is unfortunately a bit too small for MVS carts. Otherwise I would have donated it to an MVS owner.
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    WTB: Thrash Rally AES English (for 2 Player Sessions)

    You're right, carts are dual language (fix layer). One of my AES consoles has a language switch, here are the screenshots... Thrash Rally EN cartridge (EN fix layer) Thrash Rally EN cartridge (JP fix layer) A deleted Lancia, LOL. :lolz: So, if anyone wants to get rid of his cartridge...
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    WTB: Thrash Rally AES English (for 2 Player Sessions)

    Looking for Thrash Rally AES english cartridge to play against my friend. Always wanted to play this game in 2 player mode. Now it's time to get another cart. :)
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    XRGB-mini photos (or, how I learned to let go of my CRT...and I am better off)

    I use a number of consoles with the Framemeister (Composite, S-Video and RGB) on HDMI 720_60p. Everything works fine, except the Neo Geo AES has 3 dark lines with 720_60p. They're not shown with 1080_60p, but the scanlines don't look well with that mode. Tried with 2 different AES and 4...
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    Aero Fighters 2, Sonic Wings 3 and Ninja Commando (AES)

    Recently bought those AES carts from the selling thread and would like to know whether they are genuine or not. Aero Fighters 2 (EN) Sonic Wings 3 (EN) Ninja Commando (EN)
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    AES Repair

    Ok, I'm stupid or forgetful or I just have too many consoles. :loco: Since I used only one AES all the time, I completely forgot about the other power adapter. I just used the wrong one, 10V instead of 5V. Guess I'm lucky nothing blowed up. :D With the correct adapter, everything works fine...
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    AES Repair

    My second AES seems to be dead. I turn it on, nothing happens, at least no picture. Anybody here who is able to repair AES systems, probably in europe? PS: I also would like to have a UniBIOS installed. Thanks