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    SOLD: Rainbow Islands JAMMA PCB

    $425 shipped in the US - Rainbow Islands PCB. 100% original Taito - which is pretty hard to come by anymore. Super clean and fully working. Board needs -5V for audio.
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    Diablo II: Resurrected

    I just play in offline mode now, since I can't connect anymore, but it's getting boring. I should have waited for a price drop when most of the issues would have been worked out.
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    How has turnover at your job been lately?

    I work with a lot of civil service employees that are old enough to draw social security. Because of COVID, quite a few of them are saying fuck it and retiring over fears of getting sick. More job security for us younger folks is a plus.
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    Trump will win the 2020 election

    Hopefully they will ban or delete his Twitter account in January.
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    Toaplan Shooter Collection

    Oh yeah, forgot about V-V. Such a great game. Maybe we will still get that PS4 Toaplan compilation one day.
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    Toaplan Shooter Collection

    $160 for four crappy repo carts? Ugh. No Slap Fight MD either.
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    Happy Birthday twalden

    Thanks everyone! Got laid off from our office closing due to the virus back in March, but got 2 job offers Friday for way better jobs. Best birthday present ever.
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    Trump Bucks just arrived, err stimulus funds.

    My boss closed up our small IT consulting company in mid March. No clue when we are re-opening, but I was going to quit anyway because the dude is a douche. Problem solved.
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    FS: A few loose MVS carts

    Sorry, that was the label it came with when I got it. Not the real #12 cart unfortunately.
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    SOLD: Turbo Everdrive

    SOLD - $60 shipped in the US. Version 1.2. Can be used on PCE or TG16 systems. Comes with a 1GB Micro SD card filled with goodies.
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    FS: A few loose MVS carts

    All original, no boots. Prices include shipping in the US. Thanks! $35 - Samurai Shodown 2 (original label) SOLD $60 - Last Blade (repro label) SOLD $45 - Real Bout Special (original label) SOLD $65 - Aero Fighters 3 (repro label) SOLD $55 - Real Bout 2 (repro label)
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    SOLD: Capcom Impress Cabinet - Denver, CO Area

    Cabinet has been sold locally to a really cool guy from the KLOV forums. It went to a good home. I hated to give this cab up, but I have too many anyway.
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    SOLD: Capcom Impress Cabinet - Denver, CO Area

    $500 - pickup only from 80602 - Brighton, CO. *** SOLD *** Moving in a few weeks and this cabinet unfortunately will not fit in my new gameroom. So I need to get rid of it ASAP. It's not the prettiest cosmetically, but is fully functional and a joy to game on. Both sides have cracks in them as...
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    FS: Mars Matrix CPS2 + New Zealand Story PCB

    Thanks Rich! Mars Matrix is still available - final price drop.
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    FS: Mars Matrix CPS2 + New Zealand Story PCB

    Bump! Mars Matrix price drop. Added New Zealand Story PCB.