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    Post in this thread if your 10/15/20 year member badge is missing

    I hear that old forumers are unlurking for badges. What is this, a 10-yr old Pokekid's fantasy come alive? :)
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    Happy Birthday Xian Xi!

    Happy Birthday man! You're a shining example of a Neo community member :D
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    Happy B-day Lantus!!

    Happy birthday man!
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    Happy Birthday Lithy!!

    Rawk!:buttrock: Happy Birthday Man!
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    Happy Birthday CrackerMessiah and Teddy KGB

    Happy Birthday TeddyKGB! You rock!
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    New MVS owner here! what should my first 5 purchases be???

    For affordable fighters (sub-$100) instead of Garou I'd recommend: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, KoF'02, Samurai Shodown 2, Last Blade/Last Blade 2 (preference). Other affordable nice to have's are: Magical Drop 3, Metal Slug 3, Blazing Star, Shock Troopers.
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    Happy Birthday FAT$TACKS

    Happy Birthday dude!
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    Happy Birthday abasuto

    Last time I saw him last year, it was selling most/all his neo gear. So hopefully it's a more peaceful place Happy Birthday man! Hope you're enjoying it!
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    Happy Birthday BeefJerky

    Happy Beefday BeefJerky!
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    Japan... What to see/do in Tokyo?

    Yeah sorry, I misspelt it. Was going off of memory :P
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    Japan... What to see/do in Tokyo?

    If you're in Akihabara, get a cheap beef and rice bowl for 280yen from Yoshinoya! Otherwise, forget Akihabara and visit instead the nearby Asusaka Temple and check out their marketplace. There's a bunch of market stalls there that sell food and sweets and various trinkets.
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    I received today...

    Wooo! Nice one LV! All the best with the new addition to the family :D
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    Happy Birthday metallizer

    Happy Birthdayyyyyy!
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    Happy birthday wyo_vr4!

    Happy Birthday duder!!
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    Happy Birthday man of many fans!