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    NBA season 21/22

    I hate how players move around so much these days. Growing up watching 90’s ball, hardly anyone moved year to year. Now a star doesn’t like the colour of the carpet and they are off To another team. Gives the media something to talk about but it’s ruining the game imo.
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    Gaming gathering at my place 8-13

    For a good time call…
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    How do you feel about drone light shows as an alternative to fireworks?

    I burn tires in my back yard at night to evade punishment.
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    Is repairing a CRT worth the effort/risk ?

    Wait until you try pussy for the first time.
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    Is repairing a CRT worth the effort/risk ?

    Turn it on and then go behind it and start trying to pry things open with a big screwdriver.
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    How much birthday is too much?

    My favourite cupcake is the type of faggot that has to have a day off work on their birthday.
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    In Germany for the next month. Any good Neo stuff?

    For sure, it's the dick sucking capital of Europe.
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    In Germany for the next month. Any good Neo stuff?

    Mate, go to Hamburg and get your dick sucked. Don't worry about Neo Geo.
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    Are you an SNK fan or a neogeo fan?

    I was a Neo Geo fan drooling over screen shots in magazines back in the day, when I finally played one I was underwhelmed with the exception of Metal Slug. So I guess I am a Metal slug fan but even that is a stretch because I only like the first one.
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    Moving past "stuff"

    Sold just about everything off 3 years ago, haven’t missed it for a second. I’m completely over gaming, even when my kids play games my eyes glaze over. Pretty much zero interest at this point. The only thing I buy these days are records but at least once a year I sell off whatever I am no...
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    There you go…
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    7 months well spent.

    Doesn’t matter how sick I have ever been, ive always been able to have a flog. It’s like some primal evolutionary thing.
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    7 months well spent.

    Glad you’re ok. On a scale of 1 to 10, how close were you to getting your own Goodbye to teh drama thread?
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    Official A/V Thread

    Have you considered just getting some made or DIY? I had someone make me a set of speaker cables with Canare 4S11, they sound phenomenal and only cost $100 for a 5m set. I was running some Belden cables prior to this but the Canare smoked ‘em.
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    Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI

    FF6 > Chrono Trigger. Having said that, FF6 is a broken game. By the time you get to the world of ruin you can pretty much torch any boss in under 10 minutes. Easily one of my top 5 all time games regardless.