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    Beast guy right here. :) Still loving my RE2. Thanks again bro!
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    Cobra Kai: Anyone watching?

    Just got done watching it. A lot of highs and some lows, but the fact that they gave sensei Kreese a back story was pretty dope.
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    Saudi Crown Prince to acquire SNK Hate kotaku, but this looks to be legit. :/
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    FOUND: Candy near Ohio

    In the case of KC, it is best if you can be there in person and choose. I live local and chose a noir, a week later he brought it to my place of residence and he ended up bringing one in worse shape and had completely different buttons. I told him "either bring me the fucking cab i asked for or...
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    Fuck You 2020: Chadwick Boseman dead at 43 after 4 year fight with Colon Cancer.

    RIP to someone who was just getting started in his career. Going to want to get my rectum checked. :/
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    Taiso Giveaway Number Whatever

    I'd love to give the game a shot. Either way, thank you again!
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    FREE STUFF: Ringedge 1/2 Multi game HDDs (claimed)

    Bruh, you are doing the lord's work. Thank you so much For all the work you do. LOVE mine to death :)
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    Exosquad Seasons 1 and 2 on Peacock

    Pretty impressive drama that for some reason Universal thought would be great for kids. Aged pretty well, like Batman: The Animated Series.
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    Exosquad Seasons 1 and 2 on Peacock

    Own the DVD of season 1, but it will be great to see the entire franchise again. Some of the deaths in that show were pretty impressive.
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    Johnny Depp... vs The Sun... vs Amber Heard....

    If he wins, then all the blue haired feminist will know their b.s wont save them later.
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    If you could only Pick one Ahhnold Movie, what would it be?

    T2 goes from badass to Paddington Bear.
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    Happy Birthday StaticX

    Thanks and yes!!!! I miss her :(
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    Happy Birthday StaticX

    Thanks guys!! :) @skate323k137 sir... yes I am!!!! :D Thank you again!
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    FREE STUFF: Ringedge 1/2 Multi game HDDs (claimed)

    That was incredibly cool of you to do!
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    Great movies that are easily missed

    Cyber Punk Anime: Cyber City Oedo and I guess somewhat Patlabor. Horror/weird The lighthouse (amazon Prime) The night eats the world (amazon Prime) Grave Encounters 1 and 2 (prime) V/h/s the first one and the second one. (Shudder)