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    NBA/NHL 2021 seasons

    Wouldn't be a bad thing. Heading to the bar later wearing my Vegas colors for the game tonight. Im in central Canada. I expect to be boo'd hard tonight. I like the habs but happen to like vegas a bit more.
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    NBA/NHL 2021 seasons

    Vegas and islanders in the final. I hope.
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    Metal Slug Tactics announced.

    I saw this the other day. Glad the property is getting something.
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    Metroid Dread announced!

    Ive only really played Super, Fusion and Zero mission. Seeing as this is a direct sequel to fusion which I concider the best, im probably looking forward to it.
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    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    I see super hang on on the right. I believe.
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    most recent Samurai Spirits came out in 2019 already.

    Going to play today. I saw the update.
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    Crash zone, unreleased 1996 viccom game featuring snk characters.

    6 playable characters. 2 original im assuming. This is pretty cool.
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    So far the only new character I like. As I haven't played it, all the kof14 characters are new to me.
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    To add to the Holland spiderman discussion I'll say that while we really didn't need an origin story for his spiderman for the thousandth time, it does suck we don't have one. It does feel like somethings missing and no uncle ben means no goal and life lessons, lessoning the impact of the...
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    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    Same. Curious to how active they are a while after release.
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    Ghostlop MVS Giveaway!

    I think I passed all the rules except I'm considered a noob. Oh well.
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    Item delivered, but, not received, would you wait 2 days to act?

    Damn that anime is overrated. I thought it would be something like TTGL but it wasn't.
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I had no idea the sequel was out or forgot it existed entirely. I have a thing for Emily Blunt so I want to see it. But venturing out into the movie theater seems like a sort of risk where I am. Man I have gotten so used to streaming at home. But this "might" actually get me into the theater.
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Hope they add as much as they can in that window enough time there for some good fine tuning atleast.
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    NGBC free on Xbox live Gold this month.

    I already own this game and the online has been dead for many years but its free for gold starting on the 1st till the 15th. So people are going to be playing it again which makes me very happy as I've been playing the 360 version off and on, here and there every so often, for years that I kinda...