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    NEOSD AES Support thread !

    I was playing Garou tonight and when i went to switch to Kof98 the system got stuck on the flashing screen and went about 20%. I left the system on for around 2 hours hoping it would still flash but it did not. I restarted the neo geo and now nothing will flash past 20% i have tried multiple sd...
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    Kof XII test location in Hey amusement

    nice to see the game in arcades now when i was in tokyo in august i was hoping to find a loc test
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    Favorite Neo Stick?

    my custom sanwa stick with ps 2 neo converter
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    Any RI cats out there

    u live there or u are there visiting we should play
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    Any RI cats out there

    nice ill have to try to make it down to ct one of the times u guys play
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    Any RI cats out there

    machines as in arcade units? if so do they have japanese sticks or american one in them?
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    Any RI cats out there

    only rhode island is like that lol
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    Any RI cats out there

    cool maybe we can play sometime i just got a neo like 2 weeks ago i have kof 95 and samurai spirits right now i have one original neo stick and 2 ps to neo adapters i just got in yesterday waiting on fatal fury 1,2 and special world heroes 2 samurai spirits 2 art of fighting magician lord...
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    Just got my self a neo

    yeah i travel to alot of capcom game tournies and i always liked most of the neo fighters as well so the system will probably come with me to tournaments as far as cheap games go ill be in japan for 3 weeks this coming august for the super battle opera tourney so ill probably pick up whatever...
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    New York Times Crosswords DS

    wtf i read it as crossed swords ds lol got me all excited for a second
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    Just got my self a neo

    just got 7 more games for $70 bucks then 80 bucks for ems shipping fatal fury 1,2 and special magician lord art of fighting world heroes 2 samurai spirits 2 only 3 of them have boxes and they all are scratched but that doesnt matter ill buy all the loose carts i can scratched or not cause they...
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    Almost done with my Pelican stick mod

    its really easy the pelican stick is garbage and the laminate they use on it is terrible and peels off rather quickly thread op u should cap 4 of them buttons if u arent sure if u are going to use them for a while it seems like your trying to go for the neo button layout i cant wait till my...
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    aes game prices

    im just gonna buy up most the loose carts i come across when i have the cash i dont mind carts being scratched or missing boxes and instructions as long as the game works its nicer to have a nice collection of mint condition games but they are carts and not cd's so as long as they arent...
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    ps to neo adapters

    thank u very much
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    F/S: 13 Gamer condition AES carts + System

    yay for me who got 7 carts at an awesome price