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    WHODOYOUPLAYAS! Neo Turf Masters t-shirts, hoodies and posters

    Hmm. This merchandise... I opt2not. :P
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    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    And you have my condolences. But it really brings up a good topic of discussion. I'm sure his friends will help out the family and perhaps he left instructions as well. However, I not only wrote my first will at Age 20 in case something happened to me in the military. I also left instructions...
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    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    Cool your tits. His online persona and perception was different than his real life. For most of us here, even for 10+ years we don't know everyone inperson or their personal life. Only what they share online. The GFM comment wasn't ill will towards the family or SL. No one deserves to die that...
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    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    R.I.P. I'm trying to understand the Go Fund Me as he bought 5x of everything and acted like some rich guy. Perhaps amassed debt.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    L AMI /w Dia Blk monitor
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    What was your first car?

    1987 Caprice 2 Door Coupe 305.
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    Best prank you ever pulled at school.

    Since I worked at the arcade. I ordered 1000 bright yellow smiley face bouncy balls and paid my boss for them. My High School had extremely long halls being a 1st floor only Vo-Tech. During gym, which is at the end of this hall. Everything was divided between 30 ppl and we lined up before the...
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    Your vehicle brand of choice?

    I vary with brands over the years. Comes down to where I live, what I need, and serviceability. My last 10 yrs have been with Subaru. My local dealership isn't a bunch of scumbags and run good departments. Parts availability, price, and shared common parts are there. Never had any issues with...
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Out of curiosity how big was the DB backup? Even with compression it had to be insane.
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    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    From a CE its switching all the GI LEDs with new RGB LEDs, stringing in new harnesses to the Topper PCB it comes with which switches it over to interactive. Rewiring the Pop Bumper LEDs to an adapter harness to a GI connector on the playfield PCB. RJ45 splitter and power adapter to power and...
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    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    Upgraded my MMr Classic with the RGB General Illumination and XL Display Kits.
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    Any Subaru BRZ Owners Here - UPDATE GOT IT!

    Correct, and this is for the mass majority of ppl. If you literally do not know what you are doing or don't have the funds to repair or replace what you break. Just leave it stock. Here is a simple and severely common example: - Buys WRX/STi - bolts on new AM cold air intake. Or even further...
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    Any Subaru BRZ Owners Here - UPDATE GOT IT!

    Congrats. BRZs are fun cars. I had a good amount of seat time in one on the track and they handle extremely well and are fun as hell. The advantage you have over the other Subaru DI engines is yours has the Toyota FI which doesn't have the carbon build up issues and is overall the better DI...
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    That is correct. Naoki Yoshida is in charge. Which makes sense regarding the darkness and more mature type setting from the trailer. Taiso talked a lot about XIV and his reasoning is solid. The storyline and reigniting the core of the franchise is what XIV 2.0+ did in MMO form and saved the...