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    Happy Birthday Syn

    Hbd bro
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    Happy birthday ROT

    Happy bday Rotty my boy.
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    When is a man in his physical prime?

    I was reading my old reply lol. I bumped up the age a little but I'm more or less sticking with a similar response. Damn, I was 29 years old when I posted that. About to be 39 in February. Time flies Sage.
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    When is a man in his physical prime?

    This is classic but goodie Sage. I would say between the age of 25-35. For athletes its a combination of physical performance and experience. After 40 and I don't care what kind of shape you're in, your body will break down sooner or later. Old injuries will eventually resurface. You will...
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    SOLD: GTX 1080 Founders 8gb

    Damn, if I hadn't been on a evga wait list for a 3060ti for almost a year I would be all over that 1080.
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    SOTN port for the Megadrive

    Looks like someone is trying to port SOTN to the Megadrive. I would have preferred Rondo but still kind of cool with the progress being made.
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    'China restricts minors to playing just 3 hours of online video games a week starting September 1'

    My parents restricted me when I was a kid as well, but that was my parents, not the goverment. Kind of glad they did though. This doesn’t surprise me coming from China.
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    Happy Birthday Craig

    Happy Birthday you Stupid Bitch.
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    Hurricane Ida

    Man, that sucks. Stay safe guys.
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    WTS: SEGA WONDERMEGA - 600USD + Shipping from Japan

    Nice console, a gem indeed but how does it have the best video output if it doesn't do RGB.
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    Would you buy one of Stealthlurker's cabs for $2000-$4000 EACH???

    I could agree with this. I didn't know Stealth personally but did bullshit with him on this forum and he seemed like the kind of guy who got more a kick out of collecting vs actually playing/fiddling/fixing his stuff. It was more like eye candy to him. I remember asking him about all the...
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    WTB OR WTT : Ninja Commando MVS

    Check Yaj, I'm pretty sure you could find one for $180-190