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    [eBay] Nintendo NES (new 72 pin) with 11 games, 9 plastic cases, and accessories.

    Haven't been posting here much lately, but I thought that some here might be interested in this. The games are as follows: - Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) - Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt - Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Double Dragon - Wrath of the...
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    *psst* RacketBoy has both in stock for under $25.
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    Evangelion: Melee of the Tryptia (Youtube video)

    Very nice, indeed. I haven't really been into Evangelion for a while, but this has sparked my interest back up a little bit.
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    French Poll: The Best and Worst Tourists in Europe

    Most of the poll seemed like what you'd expect, but this kind of surprised me. When I was in Paris, it seemed like the majority of people spoke basic English. I spoke basic French as well, but a lot of the time when I would speak to someone, they would answer in English (sometimes quite rudely)...
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    Eternal Sonata Demo on Jap Market Place in English!

    Wondering the same thing here.
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    Just another day in ttooddddyy's PNG...

    I'll admit I laughed when I read that.
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    Most Underrated and Overrated Video Game Console

    Underrated: Dreamcast Overrated: Xbox
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    Tangible CDs or Downloads?

    I download a lot of music (less than legally), and buy a small handful of CDs a year from artists I've enjoyed. I'm more likely to buy actual CDs from indie bands than those signed to RIAA members.
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    Weekly roundup ~14th Apr. (Tax edition)

    Wii Super Paper Mario PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero Guitar Hero II
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    FS: 5 Japanese/Asian PlayStation 2 Games

    If someone would be willing to buy all 5 of these for $50 (shipped), I'll throw in a free Snickers bar. No, I'm not kidding.
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    The Official Super Paper Mario Thread

    Game publishers frequently ship games to retailers before they are actually allowed to sell them, but I guess you never noticed. Smart ass.
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    FS: 5 Japanese/Asian PlayStation 2 Games

    Some prices lowered. I really want to get rid of these things...
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    The Official Super Paper Mario Thread

    What the hell? Nintendo says it's being released today, but I called four places and all of them said they wouldn't have it until tomorrow.
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    Why is Ninja Warrior so fucking awesome?

    I've started watching it pretty regularly. It reminds me of MXC, which I used to watch until it just stopped being funny anymore.