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    Anybody completely remove sugar from their diet?

    I tried to, but didn't work out. I personally don't like sugary stuff though.
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    One game, just one.

    KOF 02 if it was AES KOF 98 if it was CD Gals Fighter if it was Pocket Color
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    2021 Halloween plans

    I'll probably stay home and watch Nightmare before Christmas, and the Crow and that's it.
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    Happy Birthday, SouthtownKid and kernow!

    Happy birthday.
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    Shenmue The Animation

    I'll watch I suppose.
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    What are your big time homecarts you still want that are somewhat attainable?

    KOF 02 Mark of the Wolves Samurai Showdown 4 Amakusa's Revenge.
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    Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp all down

    I use IG to jerk off once in a while.
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    Spooktober Games - Recommendations and more

    Martian Gothic for PS1.
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    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    Happy birthday.
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    Wouldn't mind jocking this.
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    SNK Online Shop now ships to the US, AU, NZ

    That's good to hear, hope I can get some shirts and posters sometime in the future.
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    Norm MacDonald dead at 61

    That sucks to hear, well R.I.P.
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    I never played Kabuki Klash

    I liked it , but then I was a fan of the PCE titles aswell.
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    Are MAS Systems arcade sticks worth $90?

    I saw a Neo Geo version for $375 on the Facebook marketplace.
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    Hot takes

    Hate to be a shit, but yes it is, I'm sorry I love this game aswell same as NTM.