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    Sun Shine / Block Paradise on eBay

    Quite the find. Any idea where the video came from?
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    Level 8 difficulty on NGCD?

    That amount of flicker and slowdown was better than normal back then. If anything, that's an impressive showing from the hardware.
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Your Last Resort video was mostly good to solidify and confirm things I already knew about the proto before putting it in my video. However, one thing was a lifesaver - the advice about keeping to the bottom of the screen during the final asteroid section. I was pulling my hair out until I saw that!
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    Free shipping economics

    I don't think so. We usually had to order it while we were in the store, and then wait for it to be ready to pick up.
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    Nightmare Busters : Rebirth (consoles, PC)

    Guess we've reached the point where even unreleased games get reboots.
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Haha, where was your video a week ago? The longplay on Youtube looks tool-assisted, but doesn't use the move. This is why I'm generally loathe to talk about the gameplay. There's always something I missed that someone's going to correct. I'm proud of how well I learned to play this game. Well...
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    I feel like no one ever played it far enough to find the problem. I don't really blame them, with the audio glitches. How would you go about fixing the glitches? Sounds like quite the undertaking. Removing the glitched sounds altogether would probably be the easiest way. As for the reset glitch...
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Yes, this reminded me of what you posted about Ragnagard. So how did Minnasan no Okagesamadesu! and Legend of Success Joe from Monolith and Wave come to pass?
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Eightman is up. I've changed the name of the series to "Neo Geo Generation"
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    Free shipping economics

    Some retailers like Target seem to be selling certain items online at a loss to compete with Amazon and bolster their online presence. You can pull up items in their app while you're in the store and get a different (often cheaper) price.
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    Level 8 difficulty on NGCD?

    Perhaps a NGCD Unibios? Are you sure "Hard"=6? I would just set it to the highest available difficulty on the NGCD. In most games there's usually almost no noticeable difference, if any at all.
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    CPS2 Digital AV interface is adding support for MV1C boards

    If I want this, I'll probably have to buy it pre-built some day.
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    MV-1C / NeoSD MVS / No ADPCM

    That's not normal. Does the MV-1C work right with real game carts? (If you aren't sure if ADPCM is missing or not, please post a video.) If it works with real carts, the NeoSD could be faulty.
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    All these fake limited edition carts and packaging make me do a double take whenever I see them on social media. It's like that by design, and it's annoying. Stop supporting this limited edition shelf clutter.
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    Cyber-Lip MVS corrupt sound

    How does that happen? Must have been stored improperly? Anyway, congratulations getting it fixed. Gadget UK does great work.