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    Steam Winter Sale

    Yup, they added it in a couple of months ago. Not sure exactly how it works, I think it calculates how long you've played the game so if you're not happy you can get a refund. It's been working for a lot of the shitty shovelware games on Steam Greenlight.
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    Raiden V - Xbox One Exclusive Coming 2015 Still kinda surprised that they're sticking with their guns and only releasing on the One with it's VERY small install base in Japan.
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    Any of you shitnicks been to Galloping Ghost arcade? Need opinions...

    It's worth the trip...and I've yet to go myself. (Southwest doesn't have direct flights to Midway anymore from my local airport). The thing is they've got over 400 games...and that's a blessing and a curse. It's the same problem that FunSpot has. They've got a ton of games and not enough techs...
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    Raiden V - Xbox One Exclusive Coming 2015

    I wonder if they'll drop the XB1 version and just make it on Steam. They've already got 3 and 4: Overkill. Why not up it with ports of the classics to drum up hype for the next one?
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    Annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday Pick-up Thread.

    The damn 2.4 Turbo Everdrive's sold out on Igor's site and Retrogate. If you go to Stone Age Gamer they don't have the default one in stock...but if you add the "optional" 40 dollar cover the item magically becomes available..Ugg.
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    Avatar Santa Hats

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    Annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday Pick-up Thread.

    Got, Pac-Man Championship DX, Asterbreed and Freedom Planet on Steam. krikzz JUST put his prices down on his shop. I got the V2 Mega Everdrive for 129 after all was said and done. The new T-16 one is already sold out... Hopefully I can get it elsewhere.
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    Things you regret - (neogeo related)

    Not making the owner of a local laundromat an offer on a Goldie they had and not getting Rage of The Dragons on MVS when the Neo Shop was selling it for 45 dollars or something stupid like that. Other then that, all of the stuff I sold I don't regret. I got Nightmare in The Dark and Ghost Pilots...
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    offical wwe thread

    I'd just like to see Lucha Underground in general. My stupid cable company doesn't carry El Ray Network so I gotta watch shitty YouTube rips of the show. I gotta say it's kind of a corny idea but I don't know why it works. Mixing high flying Mexican wrestling with the drama of a telanovella.
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    How long will this amiibo craze last?

    It seems like GameStop's been swamped with the classic trio pack. I've seen em' a few times. I got in the second time they had preorders for them. I mostly want it for R.O.B to go with my original from 86' and the little gashapon Famicom Robot my friend got me when he went to Japan. Hopefully...
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    It's the original, still in the box. Been looking to see all of my Zords, like I said above, but I know I'm gonna get people bitching about them being in a house fire.
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    I see your Legacy Megazord and raise you this...
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    Been pricing out the old Power Rangers since my pop's considering selling the house where I've got most of em still down in the basement. My god, the prices are everywhere. I see people buying pieces of the robots for more money then one complete with the box, which is what I'm selling. I'm...
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    Latest SW EP VII news...

    I'm just glad that George has ZERO input on this whole new franchise. Like RedLetterMedia and DNS said, film is a collaborative effort and that shows. I never watched the bonus features of Episode 2 and 3 with George "directing" the actors but he was like, "You HAVE to say it like this, you HAVE...
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    Zelda Triforce Heroes Demo for 3DS

    It's a cute idea but I was trying the online mode this Sunday...and yeah...not gonna work that good. I had a few games that where REALLY laggy. I had one guy being a grifer and kept picking me and the other guy and throwing us into a pit and it pissed the other guy off on my team so much he rage...