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    ASSAULT SUIT LEYNOS (SEGA MEGA DRIVE, 1990) PLUM brand 1/35 AS-5E3 "LEYNOS" (PLAYER TYPE) i just put bought a copy of this model that just came out this April; (2011)
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    SAMURAI SPIRITS Nakoruru 27cm. Doll by TAKARA corp, 1993

    probably among the very first SAMSHO merchandise ever marketed... a whole princely $13.85 shipped. probably one of the best EBAY deals i've ever gotten, HELL, one of my best deals EVER... her packaging was kinda neglected and beat up, but i managed to straighten it all out real nice;
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    hi guys, i'm back after a few years now. i'm wondering if anyone has any top and/or top/bottom AES console body halves lying around that i might be able to purchase. i only need one set. i rather screwed up my own lone AES' body in an otherwise successful mod to get stereo sound via L/R RCAs...
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    My Little Sister just aced "NAM-1975" Film at 11...

    you heard me right, my sweet sixteen little sister possesses the sheer resolve to ace one of the hardest games on the NEO-GEO. here's the proof; ****SPOILERS****
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    A Legendary Classic; the DENON DCD-1500

    :eek: EDIT; sorry, i slipped up on the header name! it is supposed to read; "A Legendary Classic; the DENON DCD-1500" :loco: hello, i'm creating this thread to share with you all one of the formative experiences in my life that led me to Audiophilia. that experience, about three/four...
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    AES METAL SLUG 1 on EBAY; a bootleg?

    Real or Fake? damn, if i had that kind of money to throw away foolishly! after all, MS1 is the kind of title that belongs...
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    my wimpy little AES collection so far...

    my humble collection, after about six months now of being a NEO fan; five titles so far, mostly JPN versions; *MAGICIAN LORD (U.S.) *NAM 1975 (U.S.) *SAM SHO 1 (JPN) *SAM SHO 2 (JPN) *FATAL FURY 2 (JPN) i believe the JPN carts to be the best to own, as they always have a...
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    Micro MVS Cab; kinda Lame, but...
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    i sure would like to see dedicated sections here for deep discussion/facts/factoids on the AES, as well as on SNK's many great game series. if all this actually DOES exist, then why hasn't it all been well organized in the last ten years? ten years is a LONG TIME for a website to be around...
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    My Nakoruru Tribute Video!

    my tribute video to my favorite little SNK Sweetie♥
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    Why i like "Moe" Anime...

    i have come to understand that my penchant toward cute Anime girls tends to bother many of this site's member base. please read this and try to understand me a little better: i grew up a fairly normal red-blooded 1980's american boy's childhood, save for an often abusive father that was...
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    Do You have your NEO AES or CMVS hooked up to an A/V system?

    (all members; please feel free to contribute shots of your setup.) there is no NEO GEO experience quite like running an AES/CMVS through a complete high-fidelity Audio/Video system. i run my AES in that very fashion. how many members here do the same? please ring in...
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    hey guys. i'm looking for a second AES controller, as i am planning on getting several NEO titles that are two-player capable, starting with SENGOKU. i'm looking to pay under $50, and i'd prefer an example with good clean lettering. original box would be nice, too. thank you kindly!
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    My Waifu's♥ SNK Girl Cosplay

    i've been an amateur seamstress for about ten years now, inspired to learn back in 2001, when i got my first Anime doll, a 2001 issue TOYNAMI Tenchi Muyo Princess Ayeka. ten years on, i have replaced her with my true Anime Waifu; Lady Shaorin Shichiri from the Anime/Manga series "Mamotte...
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    I Wish to have my JPN AES installed with the UNIVERSE BIOS. suggestions?

    i wish to get a UNIBIOS installed in my JPN NEO AES. i'm scouting around for the best modder to do it, within the least distance of shipping from the state of OREGON, where i live. can anyone toss me some advice?