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    Happy Birthday Magnaflux

    Many thanks. And rarehero has smaaaaaall haaaaaaands. Junioooooor!
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    Thoughts on the value of King Of Fighters 2000 English AES ?

    My kids could not care less about old video games. If it isn’t Minecraft or fortnite or whatever it doesn’t matter because it isn’t online.
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    Trump paid no taxes in 10 of the last 15 years.

    Wealthy people look terrible on paper for tax purposes.
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    Dion Dakis unloading NGF AES games on eBay

    Clint did not look pleased.
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    Trump will win the 2020 election

    Almost totally out of the loop here but does infowars have any clout since being knocked out of most mainstream channels? I don’t know if facts have ever mattered but certainly they matter less in 2020.
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    Huge explosions in Beirut

    I deal more with ordnance than ammonium nitrate but I know it needs to be stored like other nasty oxidizers. Appears it was lumped together in this storage scenario. Terrible and preventable.
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    Trump makes Juneteenth “very famous”

    I may very well be wrong but I believe most areas have laws requiring time be given off so one may vote. The time is not required to be paid but given. And yes I miss unregistered island and you guys. <3
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    Trump makes Juneteenth “very famous”

    Sadly voting is inefficient and poorly designed by way of legislation. There is no technical reason voting cannot be done via smart phone or other convenient method.
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    Biden 2020

    :eye::eye: As dumb as ol’ joe is I think he is smart enough to have qualified people handle things. It appears that’s the best we can hope for. Too bad Bernie dropped out again. I can now only dream of the meme potential.
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Dodge build quality scares me too. Last weekend I was browsing a used Lexus sales lot when I heard a loud boom about 150 feet away. I looked toward the sound to see a Ram 2500 swerve, glance off a retaining wall and arc its way to collide with the street curb. The passenger front tire had...
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    She doesn't want a Benz. Shame too since the E series a few years old look great and are easily affordable. I think we're down to Mercury and Toyota at this point. Both not coincidentally in the top 5 quality index. PS. Por15 kicks ass. Highly recommended.
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    1 man, 30,000 games

    I can't imagine owning 30K games. At my peak I probably owned around 150. That Punch Out cab is awesome.
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    H-B-Day Qube! You canadian rascall!

    Glad to read you had a happy one. :)
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    Looking for a good bicycle

    Cannondale/Trek/Specialized/Merlin are all high quality, durable bikes. All of the above are expensive new so I would also recommend buying used via craigslist or a second hand bike shop in your area. I've found quite a few people buy a $1000+ bike, never ride it, and sell it for half or less...
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Not sure on the C class status. We did look at the MKS and the MKX. I'm sure we could negotiate well and steal one if she were more interested, but she's not very loving on the Lincolns. Oh, and we all know this but dealers can't give away SUV's right now. I've seen several '04-'06 Tahoes...