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    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Big thanks to the NeoSD team and congrats on producing such an excellent product. High recommendations from me and looking forward to seeing what you guys have planned for the future :) My AES version arrived today and works flawlessly. Resisting the urge to play Neo all night now... have to...
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    WTB: Eight Man Jp AES

    Condition must be at least very good, ideally near mint. Shipping to UK. Willing to pay a decent price depending on condition!
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    WTB: Japanese AES and NGCD games

    Looking for the Japanese versions of the following games. AES games must be complete in near mint condition (as per Neo Store scale). NGCD games dont need to have the spine cards. Seller must be ok with shipping to UK. AES Eightman Rage of the Dragons Matrimelee NGCD Sengoku 2 Flying Power...
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    WTB: Hori Fighting Stick Neo II

    Must be complete with box. Stick has to be in very good condition with no significant marks. Box condition doesn't matter so much.
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    WTB: Andro Dunos (AES JPN)

    Must be complete in at least 8/10 condition.