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    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    I just got this. I think its really good but the quality could have been better.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Mai T shirt in Snaplock case Nice last blade 2 and Robo Army
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    got these sent to me from SNK by helping them promote the mini.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just got these
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    just had this graded
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    RIP Stan Lee

    a true legend
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    Never played in perfect condition, £500 uk pounds with free tracked shipping . Game is sold Pictures in the link
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    on hold

    on hold for now
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    Selling my full kit that is in excellent condition, especially the box, it comes with 2 sets of labels and 2 sets of instructions,and dip sheet everything is 100 percent original andy ou can easily see the original boards through the cart at an angle, cart is in very nice condition but has been...
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    please close

    got the second i realised
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    WTB SSVS FLYER poster or full poster

    There was a official japanese flyer that came out when the mvs samurai spirits zero was released it is in this picture
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    any info on Samurai sprits zero special poster ?

    I have read in the past a couple of people say they have this poster but never seen pics and I have seen the odd flyer but never a full poster,and nothing comes up on google images and was wondering if one actually exists as would like to get my hands on one, even the flyer ? Anyone ?
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    whats for dinner?

    had this at the weekend, english fry up and nandos
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I got it from eek whos been here ten years and who got it from the neostore. I seen lots of the japanese bootleg ones recently, even with star wars action figures now they are getting better and better where it is so hard to tell the difference