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    1st neo geo game that got you hooked?

    Ninja combat! I will never forget that day I went to the video store, and in the back they had final fight, and a neo geo mvs. At that time I was blown away, the fact you can play as the bosses! had me hooked!
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    Igs pgm motherboard no red signal

    HI every one , I have a Igs pgm motherboard and when I plug it in... it works but there is no red signal. its not the jamma connector and I looked over the board and I can't find any broken traces. thanks in advance
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    Neo Candy 29 - Monitor Brightness Clipping

    it sound alot like a bad flyback... do you have any pics of the chassis ? or the flyback? also look at he might help as well
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    Feedback for wyo_vr4, skate323k137, supergun and dubdubdub

    wyo_vr4 is the man!!! great guy and he's looked out for me. long ago when I got started dubdubdub help me out aswell. good peoples
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    Win A Metal Slug 2 Boot... yes A Boot

    since Rot has been kind to pass along the prize the next runner up is shadowkn55 congrats to all who won:mr_t:
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    Win A Metal Slug 2 Boot... yes A Boot

    It's over ..... the winners are 1- johnnyD14 2- Liquid Snake 3- Madman, Rot, NGT Thanks to everyone for participating. till next time:mr_t:
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    Win A Metal Slug 2 Boot... yes A Boot

    for a second there we almost had a big sunrises guys 2nd place and 3rd place get a prizes!!!!!!!! why you may ask? well cus it's fun and in life you can't take it with you..... unless you some king in some country with lots of doe, and your like hey I'm taking this ish...
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    Win A Metal Slug 2 Boot... yes A Boot

    It's coming to an end guys, everyone gets the chance to post three jokes. keep the jokes coming. this "boot" cart need a home.
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    Win A Metal Slug 2 Boot... yes A Boot

    lol "aha2940" you can post 2 more times, you can post anything funny or a funny pic. remember your trying to win a one of a kind limited edition, hard to find metal slug 2.......Boot!!!!!! not the turbo version sorry... but the Boot version.
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    Win A Metal Slug 2 Boot... yes A Boot

    nice "johhnnyD14" thats really funny!!!
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    leo is an amazing game, music, graphics .... it's like street fighter alpha for r-type.
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    Hey guys read was in the paper in Singapore
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    World Heroes fans: Jet, worth owning alongside World Heroes 2?

    I love WH series, WH2, WHP are the best by far, But its an acquired taste and not for everyone. also didn't WH come up with first bruce lee clone in fighting games ?...
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    Which KOF's are worth checking out?

    by far KOF 98 is the best and well balanced, after that is KOF 2002.
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    How Hard is it to make an orignal msv cart or jamma pcb board?

    I'll start playing around with the Sega Genesis and the pc and see what works best for me. I want the game to look and feel like it came out in the 90's. I'm debating which one I should do? a shooter or beat'em up ?