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    Cell Phone order delays

    My parents live on a state route. I spoke with our mailman a few times when I was living with them. He drove a jeep that had right-side drive. His route was 60 miles, one way. Can you imagine how long that took, especially if he had to get out at multiple locations to get a signature on...
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    When a series gets cancelled after just one season and you hadn't watched it yet

    Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance comes to mind. Cliffhanger ending in the last episode, gets cancelled by Netflix because it's "too expensive". Jon
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    Weekly Roundup

    Xenogears for PS1. Not too far in (about to fight Shakan) but, can't help myself and have been using the Debug Item Gameshark code. Having the Combo Star is a godsend as learning Deathblows takes forever without it. Also, having items that were meant to be in the game but, never implemented...
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    TooManyGames, June 24-26, 2022, Oaks, PA

    I will be there Friday and Saturday. However, I am going to see Def Leppard on Saturday night. So, I may be out for whatever party you have planned that night. Ralfakick is a maybe. I spoke with Carlson and, he is completely out. However, Pasaito (Alex), whom you may remember from helping...
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    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    Charging up for Ujou Hagan Ken, I see. Jon
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    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    Will Raiga and Fuuga come let you out after Kenshiro takes care of Warden Wuigur? Jon
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    SOLD: Busted Screen Analogue Pocket with Dock - Still Works Perfect with Dock

    Well, the dock worked. Although, it hated my CRT. I have a Sony Wega XBR34970, which is gigantic, and weighs 300 lbs. Would not display an image. The dock did work on my LCD but, the Pocket wouldn't play anything, as described in my last post. Didn't want to say anything to make you feel...
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    SOLD: Busted Screen Analogue Pocket with Dock - Still Works Perfect with Dock

    To Yagamikun, I passed that deal you gave me on to Ralfakick. No cash was exchanged. After getting the system home and playing it, I couldn't get any games to work, at all. I was able to get Asmik-kun Land 2 to load but, no sound and couldn't select anything. Everdrive X7 just had the red...
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    USPS No Longer Offering ClicknShip?

    I noticed that Priority is no longer 2-3 days, it's now 3-5. Also, snail mail is way slower. Jon
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    Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection compilation announced for Switch

    It was released in UK, moron. Jon
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Keeping the car until the 2023 comes in/is built. Production starts on May 9th, I think he said. Although, knowing Corvette, he probably won't receive it until early July. They really drag things out. Jon
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Different dealership. I don't think he's done business with them before. Yes, he was trading in his car for whatever new one he was buying. In the case of his C7's, he was paying like $10k every time to buy a new one but, getting $45-50k trade-in every time. Whatever. It's his one hobby...
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    So, I'm having a hard time believing this story, but just wanted to get everyone's opinion on this. A friend of mine buys a new car every year. He's been doing that since the mid-sixties. Fast forward to the last ten years, or so. He bought a Corvette C7 every year you could get one: 14, 15...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    So, two reasons for the interest in 3DS systems: 1. 3DS store is closing down in May, and people are trying to get all the games that were never released physically. 2. There was a very recent soft mod, via SD card, you can do to get 3DS shop roms for free. Not going to link it but, Voltaur...
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    Worst hotel you've stayed in

    After helping 16-bit at a convention, finding out the hotel room he booked had a hot tub. What made it worse was the girl behind the counter points this out to us. Of course, there is some asshole behind us waiting to check in saying "oh, yeah. You two are gonna have some fun tonight." Good...