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    Your drink of choice.

    I wish I could try them all, but they're all expensive here.
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    Your drink of choice.

    I tried some Wild Turkey American Honey the other day, and its a new fav. I also like Southern Comfort. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a bottle of Maker's Mark since I've heard good things about it.
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    Disney acquires Lucasfilm for $4.05billion, announces Episode VII for 2015.

    3 was just as bad as the rest of the prequels, apart from the pretty cool beginning, I don't know what the fuck you see in it. ANH was the best by far, they got steadily worse after that. I won't get my hopes up for these new movies being any good. Especially if the people who worked on the...
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    I'm playing KOF XIII, I'm thinking about picking up TTT2 and DOA5.
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    New PS3 model officially revealed

    I'd consider getting one if it uses less power then the current slim and fat ps3. Electricity costs a fortune where I live.
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    Resident Evil Retribution

    The Resident Evil movies definitely do it for me on some level. I think I've finally become desensitized to this type of movie.
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    Anyone growing out of video games?

    The last game I played seriously was KOF XIII, but because of the bad netcode I'm not going to play it anymore. Otherwise I've pretty much outgrown gaming apart from the odd fighter here and there.
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    New Masterpiece Transformers announced: Sideswipe, Red Alert and Soundwave

    I ordered one as well. I skipped MP-11 Starscream though, his colors are kind of dull.
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    Best PS3 controllers for fighting games?

    Its a Hori fighting commander 3 pad. I have one but don't like the D pad on it, its to stiff. I use a usb saturn pad for fighters. The D pad is the best for fighters, but they are impossible to find now these days.
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    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    A pretty good D-Arts Terry Bogard Figure. Hopefully they do some other KOF characters.
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    Persona 4 Arena PS3 is REGION LOCKED (you read that right)

    Region locking sucks. Am I going to be locked out of playing this game for a year because I don't happen to live in Japan or America ?
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    The Avengers Trailer

    I went and saw this today. Over all I found it a bit disappointing. The main problem is the villains don't seem all that threatening. Loki is just to wimpy to be a credible villain. The end battle seemed like something out of a Transformers movie. Hulk was cool I guess. Iron man seemed to...
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    KOF XIII producer doesn't know what to develop.... seriously? Make KOFXIV, duh!

    If they make something new I hope its Last blade 3. I was never really all that keen on Garou MOTW. A new real bout would be cool too.
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    Capcom vs Namco / Namco vs Capcom

    I've been totally snubbing this game because of KOF XIII came out, and I just couldn't give a shit about SF X Tekken. But I'm back on the hype train now, that its close to release. I'm going to main Asuka, because she's the only character I could use in Tekken 6.
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    KoF XIII Port this Winter

    Do you know if proper usb support has been patched in ? I wouldn't mind been able to use my usb saturn pad.