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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Despite me originally spitting out my drink, I think it's probably easy to overract to this; this is all based on 60fps? So tbh you could probably drop 4 frames without any real impact on feel assuming most humans are going to 'react' around 10 ticks in second? Plus you want to be really sure of...
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    They're both unreal ... that's pretty terrible, iirc it was an issue with all versions of sfv too (also unreal), but they eventually cut a frame or 2 off. With any deferred renderer you were pretty much always going to be 1-2 frames minimum (1 frame for renderer, 1 frame for v-sync if not a...
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    Samurai Shodown V Perfect releases on eXa Arcadia

    On the face of it, yep it's perplexing... But it's also kind of great. I suspect most exa arcadia deals will be some kind of smallish down-payment to cover the kit, with earning payback/share to eventually cover license and actual profit to make up the 'retail' cost. Without exa there would...
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    More Cave on the Smitch

    Depends who's doing things; I think ketsui + doj (proper) rights are a little tied up with 5pb/Arika when it comes to console ports ... which kinda kills me since those are probably my two favourite... I wish we'd see ibara (+ kuro) - but I assume since they skipped the 360 gen there's something...
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    Diablo II: Resurrected

    I know it's kind of trivial vs. updating the game and it'd probably only be of interest to like 2%, but I am a bit gutted there isn't some kind of in depth retrospective-to-now documentary that was just released alongside it... Or even as part of some special edition... art book with...
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    New neogeo homebrew in development : TEOT

    Interesting work much kudos for even attempting this, let alone seeing it through. Something about it that feels north star-ish... Presume outside of the remit of the project to really add/change too much about the actual content/feel to drag it more into that kind of vicious realm....
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    This. 'Story' looks like hot trash. Dlc and pre orders bonuses work - but still make it feel shit - especially when they're wip. Still not a massive fan of their aesthetic for kof but it's better than 14. Thing is I've actually surprised myself by becoming very interested in this game...
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    Metal Slug Commander released.

    Call me cynical but almost like some other game got metal slug painted over most (but not all) of it... Bit odd since that tactics game seemed to be happening with a lot more care....
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    Should I "review every Neo Geo game ever made"

    Maybe, maybe not... Either way, beats being a ng edgelord I'd be interested in seeing it.
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    Geez since when did Neo Geo stuff become such a pain to maintain

    Like any antiques? Batteries in anything need replacing/removing/adding to an external holder. All batteries are temporary. Power supplies are probably the one thing that are overlooked - easiest/safest is to get them replaced. Capacitors - it's just a maintanence thing. Paper shouldn't be in...
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    The SNK Millennium...a bit more real then we all probably thought

    Really interesting find and video ... not to pre-empt your efforts but I suspect whatever the cost of pursuing this was simply not worth it. Seems to me arcade wise, a year or so prior, they would have been really interested in one upping the cps3, but I suspect by 98 one upping where the...
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    Metal Slug Tactics announced.

    Seems very promising indeed ...Not sure I've played a tactics game since front mission / tactics orgre ... Would be even more jazz'ed if someone could find the execution for a real metal slug reboot, but yeah interesting stuff.
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    When it comes to building your collection, whats more important: Quantity or Quality?

    price (high) > fandom vs nostalgia vs quality vs quantity > price (low) With many ways to play these games well you're inevitably building a collection if you're keeping physical copies of neo geo games. Within that valuation I have to admit price remains a massive factor... so the rest of it...
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    What stages are your favorite neogeo games?

    Once you can assume a decent roster depth, I'm genuinely more interested in the stages than characters .... I know that's kind of difficult for a team fighter like kof, but it probably remains the one shortfall for me of 2002, which wasn't really fixed in UM imho ... Being that they're kind of...
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    How do you feel about FFS and SS2 holding steady as the least expensive AES games?

    I think both just got a lot of copies - both sequels in one form or another and probably both at peak interest in the system and fighting games - early or later games probably just had lower print runs/distribution because either they weren't confident about 1st in series or one off game (metal...