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    Any Exel gurus here? (I am not at all)

    Moe's suggestion can work. In what I'm imagining is cell Q2, type the following, then drag the handle down however many cells you'd like =IF(P2>25,5 * (P2 - 25),"") You can highlight the Q column, right click a cell and select format. . . on the Number tab, choose Currency and where it says...
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    Arcade 1cc thread

    Nice Pasky! Good to see the Gaiapolis love lately. awbacon featured it on Unported Playlist recently as well.
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    Board games for trade:

    Say, no more than $20 total? It's just a number not to insult anyone, however these social customs work. A gift is a gift.
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    Board games for trade:

    PS - For the two games I have listed above, for as long as I have them, anyone who is a member of The Game Room arcade in Republic, WA, may have them for free. Feel free to relay to your friends and family.
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    Q&A with Michael Beard, OG SNK Voice Actor

    Hi future Mr. Beard reading this thread.
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    NFL 2021 Thread

    I wonder how many athletes who held out between seasons were really just not interested in dealing with protocols (and how many are currently pulling a Rodgers)
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    WTT Last Blade AES JPN

    For MVS, I've got: Slug Slug 3 Last Blade Kof 98 Kof 99 Kof 2000 KOF 2003 Kit World Heroes 2 Cyber Lip SamSho3 Real Bout Special Kabuki Klash
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    Arcademan Master of Birthdays it's your turn!

    May your CLOW day be CLOW'd with extra CLOW
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    Japanese Home Carts for Sale

    Second post to attach more photos (limit 10)
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    Japanese Home Carts for Sale

    Sorry, Charlie. Forgive my tier. Prices shipped in the USA. Paypal gift or Venmo. Ashita no Joe - $475 Galaxy Fight - $300 Sengoku - $300 World Heroes 2 Jet - $100 Fatal Fury - $100 Raguy - $175 *SOLD* Also: Neo SaveMasta 2.3 (Black) - $75
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    "Renegade" returns to be "Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun" after more than thirty years

    Some links if you or anyone cares to see what other games their team worked on, Technos and beyond. Big fan of the sound...
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    Board games for trade:

    Feel free to use this thread to add board games you have for trade/sale. I have: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (2012) Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game (2018) Looking for: Escape: The Curse of the Temple (2012) [or big box version] Sleeping Gods (2021) Mission: Red Planet...
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    The Game Room arcade in Republic, WA...

    Your generosity will lead to many fond memories. What a treat.
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    Awesome maps

    The modeled range of the woolly mammoth, based on isotope data. (Wooller et al., Science, 2021) An Ancient Woolly Mammoth Trekked So Far, It Could Have Circled The Globe Twice TESSA KOUMOUNDOUROS 12 AUGUST 2021 . . . Scientists have now analyzed chemical isotopes in the remains of one such...
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    Anyone own an E-bike?

    The motorized bikes make it easier to signal a rider is going to stop at a stop sign, just by body language. Non-motorized riders want to keep their momentum so they don't have to spend all the energy to get going again, or they don't want to be sitting ducks that can't get out of the way if...